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Abortion laws

July 5, 2013

Dear editor: Why do our legislators march so determinedly back toward the Middle Ages? Senator Scarnati and Representative Rapp should blush at their recent anti-choice vote....

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Jul-17-13 12:07 PM

Still waiting.......silence.

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Jul-13-13 5:39 PM

You're suppose to respect a woman's right to choose what happens with her body. If she chooses abortion (due to unplanned, contraceptive failure, risk to her health, rape, incest, whatever the reason-because it's her body), then we need quality medical care instead of underground, unqualified providers. Many women don't know if they are pregnant until 5-8 weeks. They have the right to stop an unplanned event in their body. You don't have a right to control them.

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Jul-12-13 9:11 AM

Still waiting for an explanation to my Jul-08-13 8:04 AM post. Nothing from the 8 who disagreed? It figures. There is no logical explanation.

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Jul-11-13 1:59 PM

"abortion should be safe, legal, and RARE."

People who are pro-choice, are not pro-abortion. Pro-choice people include those who are personally against abortion or feel uncomfortable with it, but who would not impose their viewpoint by law onto all women. Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. We do not advocate abortion over birth Don't give me stupid, adoption ideas, because adoption rarely happens. Take a look at all the unwanted kids in the foster system. The pro-choice movement supports and works towards preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing abortion, promoting contraception, educating women and youth, and ensuring families have the necessary resources to raise healthy, happy children.

As Karen Black said, "Legislating against abortion does not prevent it; abortion is simply forced underground, where the situation becomes worse. For heaven's sake, let's have some common sense on the issue." Aaah, that is the problem, common sense does not seem to exist

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Jul-08-13 5:55 PM

I see one comment about the men that also CREATED THE LIFE. Always about the women and having her tubes tied and being on welfare, what about the men. I know of a man who has fathered 11 children and never has taken care of one of them, but no he doesn't have the problem, NO the women does. And to the person who stated that government pays for the abortions, honey you need to go to a clinic, I paid $925 for mine and none of it was covered by the government, it was me and my Mastercard. People you need to grow up and stop worrying about what other people do or think and start worrying about yourselves!!!

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Jul-08-13 2:20 PM

Do you want to cut down drastically on abortions, remove all restrictions on abortion through the second trimester.

How would that reduce abortions?

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Jul-08-13 9:58 AM

Here's common sense: To you, they're zygotes. To me, they're people. So use YOUR money to kill them. Don't expect government or taxpayers to pay. Gee, I don't see you donating half of your salary to pay for the clinics.

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Jul-08-13 8:04 AM

"...and more women will die because of it." So we're supposed to have more pity/compassion for those "dying" women than the babies they want to murder? Please explain.

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Jul-07-13 10:09 PM

So you want "common sense"? Here ya go: if you engage in 5ex, you may become pregnant. If you become pregnant, you may have a baby. R-E-S-P-O-N-S-B-I-L-I-T-Y!! Do not MURDER what you create in fun. Planned parenthood touts abortion as "women's reproductive right". Reproductive?? That means CREATING life, not destroying it. Where's the common sense there?

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Jul-07-13 4:15 PM

These so called "laws" aren't even being enforced.

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Jul-06-13 10:30 AM

What good are laws? There are drug laws, we still have a drug problem, there are gun laws we still have criminals with guns, there are DUI laws we still have drunk drivers, abortion laws and guess what? Laws only effect the honest person that KNOW BETTER anyways, they have no effect on those that want to do drugs, drink and drive, or crooks with guns. So what good are they?

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Jul-05-13 5:06 PM

Men over the age of 30 should get paid no more than any women doing the same job and he should be snipped you know where if he does not have a job.

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Jul-05-13 12:17 PM

A well-thought out letter. Rapp and Scarnati are merely using this as a fundraiser. They care little about the women or the children. We need to elect legislators who will work to improve their districts instead of merely keeping themselves in office.

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