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Stewart responds

June 25, 2013

The Warren County School District’s (WCSD) appointment of a new superintendent and the search leading up to haven’t been without controversy....

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Jun-25-13 7:52 AM

He was in so much demand that he was working as an interim elementary school principal and told the public forum that he was actively seeking a super position because he felt better suited in that position. He also knew very little about our district and was learning it for the first time that day. When the community interviewed the final 3 in the previous search the 2 candidates not from the district was well informed about the district they were applying to and did their homework. That says a lot. Stewart needs to recognize that he is questioned about the pool of applicants because everyone knows that he refused to include a local qualified favorite into those final choices. With that in mind, the public and teaching staff should have been able to interview those final candidates. The board made huge mistakes in the handling of our last supers departure and he wants us to trust him? Transparency is the only way to build trust and they are lacking in both areas.

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Jun-25-13 8:16 AM

stewart needs to go he has done enough damage & now he us continuing his legacy...WAKE UP PEOPLE

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Jun-25-13 8:50 AM

To one it would appear that the Board President, who led the Board that botched the previous superintendent situation, refused to level with the Public the reasons for the dismissal (sadly the only way the public got to know the truth is through a WTO Freedom of Information Act request), authorized expenditures by the previous superintendent for travel back and forth to visit his family under the guise of re-location expenses, larded $10,000 per month in bonuses on senior staff during the superintendent’s vacancy period, now wants to pontificate as to why only one candidate needed to be presented to the public and how ten applications received was a job well done. He always seems to be willing to discuss his opinion but only on subjects that he deigns to talk about and only when it suits his personal agenda, otherwise he seems to be a quiet sort. He’s never quite available to discuss the bonus program for executives, the reimbursement of visitation expenses for the Superintendent, wh

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Jun-25-13 8:51 AM

CONTINUED why the Board refused to share with the Public the circumstances regarding the Superintendent leaving, etc. etc. etc.

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Jun-25-13 10:00 AM

Maybe Stewart was rolling the dice with the last super at the casino that nite! Could be why there is no "transparency"!

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Jun-25-13 1:38 PM

But Steward is transparent, anybody with half a brain can see right through him and his agenda. As far as trust goes, I think he lost that a long time ago.

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Jun-25-13 1:59 PM

peeon1 you are so right but we the people of warren got to put a stop to it.....he doesnt deserve the people of warrens trust or respect....stewart is always about his own agenda

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Jun-25-13 2:31 PM

I pretty much agree with all these comments about Stewart but I'm curious, what exactly is his agenda?

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Jun-25-13 6:32 PM


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Jun-26-13 2:15 PM

King Arthur is one of those guys that, no matter where he is, he's the smartest guy in the room. That's why he surrounds himself with supplicants and easily manipulated people. He's a small fish in a small pond.

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