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June 21, 2013

Dear editor: Ok, so PennDOT says a traffic light at Pennsylvania Avenue and Liberty Street is not needed....

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Jul-03-13 1:52 PM

I went through the intersection yesterday at 5pm on purpose. Traffic flowed pretty well I must say. I also looked to see if people could move over in case of an emergency vehicle and it appeared to me we all could've made room for an emergency vehicle to get through.

Plus there are many other ways to get to the east side other than just via that intersection.

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Jun-28-13 11:30 PM

All i know is i wouldnt want to get hurt on the east side between 11:30 & 12:30 or between 4:00 & 4:30. Lord knows no ambulance is getting through that area

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Jun-27-13 10:14 AM

My point is simply all motor vehicle operators don't always follow the laws either.

Let's say you operate your vehicle according to the law.

Is it fair for me to see someone in a car run a red light, cross the white line onto the shoulder, etc... and say ALL motor vehicle drivers dis-obey the laws?

I stop at stop signs, I stop at red lights, I use turning signals.

Most drivers in this town don't use turning signals (notice I didn't indicate all drivers) do you realize how dangerous that is?

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Jun-26-13 9:46 AM

It has always been my understanding that bicycles are to follow the same laws as vehicles some just don't. Where are they to learn this? Most people just don't care and logic doesn't seem to work out there in the world. Traffic lights or stop signs, it doesn't seem to matter. All of us writing here seems to be a waste of our time.

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Jun-22-13 8:30 PM

The biggest problem that I have are the pedestrians. Has anybody else noticed the amount of people crossing that don't even look to see if there is traffic? I can be half way through that intersection and have some person walk right out in front of me.

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Jun-21-13 3:01 PM

Yes, that would be very cost effective in the long term.

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Jun-21-13 10:14 AM

Here we go again. Kinzua1 I agree some cyclists are jerks, just as some drivers are jerks.

But please don't make it sound like ALL cyclists disobeying traffic laws.

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Jun-21-13 8:21 AM

I was cited for speeding on my bicycle once, but that was many, many years ago.

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Jun-21-13 8:19 AM

"Warren police need to inforce these laws,or drive along side the stopped traffic ,and go through a red light."

If the Warren police pass stopped traffic and run red lights, wouldn't that be extremely dangerous? Even with their siren and lights on?

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Jun-21-13 6:06 AM

Why do bicycle operator NOT have to obey traffic laws? I see them pass stopped vehicles at a traffic light ,never break motion,jump onto sidewalks and keep going.Warren police need to inforce these laws,or drive along side the stopped traffic ,and go through a red light.

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Jun-21-13 6:01 AM

All this discussion of the light is foolish talk. The traffic flow has never been better,at any time of the day. If there were a four way stop or a two way stop,PEDESTRIAN HAVE THE RIGHT-OF-WAY at the crosswalk, but I also have witnessed pedestrian stand in the middle of the crosswalk and flagged stopped traffic on.THEY have made an educated decision and a good one,so why not get over it and move on This dead horse has been beaten enough..

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Jun-21-13 2:26 AM

or keep the four way stop signs and everybody obey the traffic laws and the pedestrians would remain safe. I know this is Warren and traffic laws are up in the air. Trust me I have noticed.

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