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June 4, 2013

Dear Editor, Some time ago, I had several items stolen from the small pond in my yar....

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Jun-04-13 2:30 AM

wrap some bare wire around the items and give em a shock. then again if anything happened to them they would arrest you instead. Gotta be nice to the criminals in this Liberal world.

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Jun-04-13 8:25 AM

Two words: video surveillance. Two more words: Castle Doctrine. Two final words: Smith Wesson. Problem solved!

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Jun-04-13 10:15 AM

st0newall: Absolutely; a person's property and home are their castle and should be appropriately defended. For once you and I agree on something.

Writer10: Really, do all of your woes come back to the "liberal world"? Does everything boil down to that for you? Blame it on the liberals? Because thieves didn't exist in the good ole days? Conservative whiners as bad as liberal whiners... both sides should quit their whining and do something useful.

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Jun-04-13 10:32 AM

Rancor, thank you. You see, this "liberal and right winger" garbage does have to stop. It just sanctifies the the fact that people really don't vote on matter but on party. This country is dangerous anymore, and enemy number one is not some terrorist. It's ourselves. There is a lot of hate out there and peoples opinions are getting more and more disrespectful.It's the blind leading the blind around anymore.

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Jun-04-13 3:19 PM

I said nothing about the Liberals causing the crime. There lies an issue too, people reading into things. I will rephrase it so that you can understand it. Liberal minded people have made it more difficult to protect your stuff and will go after you if harm were to come to one who was trespassing on your property and stealing your stuff.

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Jun-04-13 4:02 PM

writer10, never once have you ever voted off party lines and you know it !

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Jun-04-13 4:25 PM

I am pretty sure I didn't saying about you saying something about liberals causing the crime.

What I am saying is that what you are saying is irrelevant to the crime itself and appears like nothing more than whining about people who disagree with your particular point of view. (Again BOTH sides do this)

There was no witness to the crime so the owner could not enact any kind of reasonable protection and your idea of wrapping bare wire around the item is a bit extreme, more than a bit impractical, dangerous more to yourself than anyone else, and could possibly lead to a nomination in to the Darwin Awards.

My point is that comments like "in this Liberal world" or "conservative agenda" only serve to separate us as a people and prevent us seeing that both sides have good and bad ideas... the trick is figuring out which is which without tearing each other apart.

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Jun-04-13 4:25 PM

If, instead of using accusatory terminology, we made comments like "laws about home defense are too strict on the home owner" this country wouldnt be as divided as it is... instead everyone is taking a defensive stance and drawing party lines.

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Jun-04-13 4:36 PM

Rancor: Well stated and a tip of the hat to you.

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Jun-04-13 5:08 PM

Rancor your point is valid. In fact I don't like either party, to me they both have become extremist that are ripping this country apart. Imagine what could happen if they would work together, maybe something more could be done about these crimes.

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Jun-05-13 12:44 PM

writer10 Walk the walk, don't talk the talk with your liberal garb.

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Jun-06-13 8:01 AM

Dang, it hurts to click the agree button for Pirate. On another note, the recently enacted PA Castle Doctrine law permits defense of personal property, even in your vehicle, off of your private property. And, actually 25or624, I'm a Springfield XDM40 guy, not S&W. (I used Smith Wesson to keep with the "two words" theme.

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Jun-06-13 7:11 PM

But where else in the world can a criminal get hurt stealing and be able to sue the property owner

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Jun-07-13 12:54 PM

I love how the letter ends with a vague threat. BTW, petty criminals and vandals probably don't read the paper. He should post his letter near the pond so they see it next time.

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Jun-07-13 12:58 PM

Yeap 25 – or we could be under “Sharia Law” then we just cut there right hand off.

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Jun-12-13 3:24 PM

My gun makes me TOUGH!!! BAM! What the gun "advocates" (non name calling) never seem to think that they will have to live with blood on his or her hands for the rest of their lives.

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