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School district policy outlines penalties in bullying incidents

May 24, 2013

Dear editor: Why does the school district have to hire another accountant when the one they have has a high school diploma from WAHS....

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May-28-13 8:10 AM

Common sense, I can't help but wonder why you don't file the request to know? It is quick to file online and if you request it to be sent to you via email, its free. It just takes time to receive some responses.

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May-28-13 6:53 AM

Dragon, you list is incomplete if you wee naming positions. Lets talk about the organization chart and the shuffling of job titles at central office. Lets talk about administration titles and make central office appear to have less because they decreased director positions but really just increased administrator positions through change in job titles.

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May-27-13 11:07 AM

Everyone wants to cut central office administrators but which ones? Transportation, facilities, special education, technology, secondary education, elementary education, business office? Which is least important in managing a school district?

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May-24-13 3:05 PM

The only way to correct things is to get rid of all the top dogs and start over.

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May-24-13 11:59 AM

Wait until they slam us taxpayers for their taj mahal that use to be Russell elementary. They cannot use that building cheaper than their space on the grounds of Warren State Hospital. The pocket change lease they pay to Harrisburg and a small fee to the hospital will not even cover the electricity cost. The space at the hospital includes all utilities (heat, water, sewage, electricity, plus garbage, snow removal/plowing, groundskeeping, building maintenance and others. Someone should put a "Right to Know" request in to show all us taxpayers what is actually spent for that space. I don't think we'll see the facts, TOO much fudging the figures!!!!

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May-24-13 10:15 AM

Brazil said a mouthfull (sp?). And he (?) is totally right about the who's who of who is leading the runaway train. To many engineers and not enough brakemen for the kids sake.

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May-24-13 9:55 AM


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May-24-13 8:45 AM

And another week is going in the books without our School Board President or any of his 8 cohorts explaining why in this dire economic time there is not one shred of sacrifice requested from Central Office. New positions in Accounting, $100,000 in bonuses to executive staff, the newest in computer technology, I guess this passes as sacrifice. Oh yeah we all know what will happen, a month from now we’ll hear about a secretarial position being cut, which will then quietly and magically re-appear three months later.Meanwhile textbooks fall apart, programs get eliminated, teachers and aides go through another staff reduction. Then we have a Board President with the audacity to come out and lecture the general public and say “we” are hurting the students with our criticisms. One can’t tell whether the Board and Administration walk hand in hand or whether the Board is being completely played. Either way it’s bad news for the students.

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May-24-13 5:52 AM

Board policy, policy that was set by the board, says that central office is to have an approved organizational chart. This would spell out the necessary jobs, titles, duties, and hierarchy of central office. The policy does not say a designee such as superintendent will approve it. If a board policy states that there will be approval without stating a designee then the approval falls on the shoulders of the board responsibility. The board has not approved an organization chart for years and turns a blind eye to the title shuffling allowing cuts through education first, only, and everytime.

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May-24-13 5:45 AM

Through all the furloughs, not one central office administrator or director has seen an unemployment line. Has there been some job elimination through attrition? Yes but there has been even more loss through attrition on the teacher end. Amy Stewart, acting superintendent, will probably tell you that they have less directors. That is true but that is because of the shuffling of titles turning directors into administrators. They have been operating without a board approved organization chart for a long time. They are often creating new titles for people and this shuffling is to try to keep fingers pointed away from them saving their jobs. When one option was presented to cut 70,000$ from the budget in administration it was asked, how? Super Amy had no idea, they would figure it out. Huh? Those cuts should be first and a not an untouchable...

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May-24-13 2:23 AM

I had to wonder about that hiring as well. It seems that jobs within the local government as a whole keep growing, despite a great deal of population loss. I guess it takes more people to do less work these days.

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May-24-13 1:58 AM

Before bashing someone else's education and intellect, it seems Mr. Swanson should have taken a good hard look at his own. Half-way through reading this, I could have sworn it was written by an elementary student. But I do agree, it's time to make cuts in central office and stop eliminating more teachers.

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