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Tax Stand Reiterated

Bortz dissents on motion to pursue action on tax-exempts

May 24, 2013

An appeal of the tax status of a number of county organizations for the year 2014 was passed in a two-to-one vote during Wednesday morning’s meeting of the Warren County Commissioners....

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May-24-13 3:44 PM

The economy argument is one that unfortunately the same people play from both sides. When the economy is bad they say “we can’t take the measure in this poor economy” but when the economy is good they say “we can’t do that it might stall or ruin the good economy we have”. I think the Commissioners or at least two of them should be lauded over the Rouse issue where they have put County programs on the same pedestal. One needs to ask, how different is the Rouse Day Care to Sallie Mae’s for profit day care. If the Rouse provides reduced rates based on income then they should be deserving of some sort of tax break. Whether it is a full property tax break or not is something that needs to be analyzed. When a Hospital on the other hand is paying its chief executive approximately $400,000 per year and other administrative staff around half that then you would think they would have room to provide some PILOT instead of running up huge litigation costs and threatening to layoff the janitor

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May-24-13 2:49 PM

I agree with graduate and im sure there are some reasons that these organizations should be looked at. In the end though, people will lose their jobs with families and children to provide for. Community organizations that have received donations have less to give. I just feel for these people and organizations.

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May-24-13 12:09 PM

The Rouse certainly isn't making a profit, Pirate. I am not advocating for their tax exempt status, just saying they raise their prices for child care, assisted living, etc. to compensate for their increased expenses. Insurance, wages, elec, food, gas, new equip, etc never get cheaper year to year, but instead always cost more.

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May-24-13 11:46 AM

When it's a bad economy, i don't care what company you are. Your gonna raise your prices with all the hoopla and media of "IT'S A BIG BAD ECONOMY"! Even if your cost did not rise, you raised your prices in the name of it !

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May-24-13 11:41 AM

" The hospital is only going to have to lay off people and raise health costs to deal with the blow to their budget along with decreasing the amount of money that is donated back to the warren community. The YMCA, Rouse home, and others are only going to follow the same paths." Except for the fact that the hospital laid off people and raised healthcare costs before this was ever an issue. Same with the YMCA, Rouse and others. Before this was an issue, Membership fees,soccer and programs for kids always went up SUPPOSEDLY for different reasons? Rouse childcare went up every year. What were the reasons? One word. More PROFIT! So let them take out of us more of what they already have been doing anyways.

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May-24-13 8:28 AM

? I don’t think most people would disagree with that thought but I do think a growing number of people disagree on the free ride aspect. Fact is Warren General acts an awfully lot like a for profit business. We also know they pay key executive staff like they are a for profit business as well. An earlier writer notes that we are a small town and these are small entities. Is the writer claiming that throughout the Country no similar size hospitals or other organizations are paying PILOT? Mr. Bortz mentions services to the County that may be imperiled. Then why not agree to a SILOT (Services) with Warren General Hospital. Warren General provides jail care to inmates as a donation in lieu of paying taxes.

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May-24-13 8:28 AM

Mr. Bortz, as he did in his previous comments, fails to address the major question regarding his position. Namely if PILOT is an really option why has Warren General Hospital, the YMCA, etc. not come forward during the past few years and settled this issue and paid a reasonable amount for the services they receive? Instead the Hospital has seemingly decided to pursue a scorched earth policy both in the media and with their own employees. Does the Hospital provide charitable services? Sure they do. Is it anywhere near what they claim? No, because they use an inflated charge structure in which virtually no one pays the list price to derive their charitable care figures. Does the YMCA do wonderful things with membership grants? Yes. Should both those organizations be recognized tax wise in some way just as individuals are recognized via income tax reductions when they make personal donations? CONTINUED

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May-24-13 7:55 AM

The hospital is only going to have to lay off people and raise health costs to deal with the blow to their budget along with decreasing the amount of money that is donated back to the warren community. The YMCA, Rouse home, and others are only going to follow the same paths. If these organizations were owned by large multi million dollar companies, great tax the*****out of them. This is a small community that only continues to struggle more and more with this day and age. We should be doing more to insure that these assets are preserved and continue to grow versus destroying them.

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May-24-13 7:45 AM

Well written and informative article. I agree. Commissioner Egglestone is right on target. I think Warren General Hospital has been blatant in it's display of profit seeking behavior in not only collections but charges as well.

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May-24-13 6:39 AM

Time for Bortz to be voted out of office/ It appears he no longer has the taxpayers best interest at heart. Yes it will cost some money to pursue this course of action, but Egglestone is correct about the hospital. I have been appauld by their collection standards for years.

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