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Our opinion: Disappointment

May 15, 2013

If you felt a bit disheartened after reading about the Warren County School Board’s approval of a tentative final budget Monday night, you should at least take comfort in the knowledge that you are......

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May-22-13 6:04 PM

Lucky lady, if they ran it like a business then we wouldn't be so mismanaged. The board runs their owns businesses much more successfully because when they need to tigfhten their belts they know that it is the product or service that cannot suffer or atleast not in a noticeable way. If we had a business ceo as superintendent utilizing our well educated educational staff then maybe we could see better management of this 65 million dollar business. We keep repeating the same mistakes over again pretending to reinvent the wheel but everyone keeps expecting or atleast hopes for a different result. It is clearly the definition of insanity.

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May-21-13 5:52 PM

Like I said they run it line a business corp.

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May-18-13 9:21 AM

I was at previous meetings, except for the last two. This was described as a new position because of the issues of bills not always being handled I on time and such. It was the sob story of having too much work. The addition of an accountant was presented in each scenario and was presented to the board as a necessity and non negotiable need. I guessing see things differently, I think our teachers are non negotiates but the priorities of central office and the board is not the students so should we have expected any less?

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May-17-13 8:09 PM

Yeah you're "just saying" Dubedit we just don't have any idea what you are saying. Are you saying they don't have anyone in their business office. Please provide who they lost in staffing that they are replacing. If you haven't looked around lately in the real world, when businesses are in trouble they don't go replacing every person leaving, in fact they are sometimes forcing attrition and somehow the rest of the staff make do. There's been no suggestion that this position is even a fill in replacement, it appears to be an addition. So how'd they handle those reports in the past?

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May-17-13 8:16 AM

OK, so who prepares the accounting reports required by the state? You gonna do it for free, folks? Just sayin'....

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May-15-13 9:28 PM

No need to worry...there is still an extra $10,000 a month for director pay raises for picking up "extra duties"....because no one else in the district has picked up extra duties...

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May-15-13 11:20 AM

The board prez just sold his business for a massive amount of money. Do you think he really cares?

They need to cut administration. Period. The board should tell "acting like" superintendent Stewart that they want a proposal for a 3 millage (minimum) equivalent cut to current administration and tell her they will accept nothing else. That is how business works.

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May-15-13 10:37 AM

LOL, that too, MTO, that too...

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May-15-13 10:26 AM

"because of that at the end of his communication we’ll be left with nothing other than a dumfounded expression on our faces."

And the stinging sensation from being reprimanded for questioning the authority of the office?

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May-15-13 9:43 AM

One is almost drawn to set up an office pool to see who can come closest to picking the date and time that the Board President will ask for a special column or write his own letter to the editor. He'll most probably use this to provide a dogmatic response to the uneducated public, which now includes the Times Observer, as to the realities of the world. Mind you if he holds true to form he won’t address the issues raised head on, or really at all, and because of that at the end of his communication we’ll be left with nothing other than a dumfounded expression on our faces. Does anyone on this Board or Administration have a modicum of courage to address the issues that many have raised and the Times Observer has so eloquently presented in their Editorial column today? They haven’t yet but hope springs eternal.

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May-15-13 7:15 AM

Central Office has been growing for years now. Typically what happens when the board is comprised of former superintendents, pure educators and one issue members. You tend to miss the business end of the business.

An organization always knows its financial strength not by its fund balance but by how well it holds up in difficult financial times.

This fuse was lit years ago

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May-15-13 12:53 AM

hear hear

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