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WCSD: $67,693,095

Board approves menu of cuts; Tax hike within index

May 14, 2013

In the face of a budget deficit that reaches as high as $4,798,676, the Warren County School District board of directors elected to raise taxes in multiple places during the May meeting held on......

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May-14-13 8:34 AM

"Werner said that if such an opportunity exists next year, the district would still be in a position to 'adjust our revenue stream accordingly.'" Who does he think he's kidding? We ALL know that once a gov't raises taxes, they're here to stay. IF a new revenue stream opens up, the gov't (all levels) simply finds another way to spend the "excess" funds. This is especially true at the federal level. It'll find another project to fund vs paying down the debt with any "surpluses".

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May-14-13 8:45 AM

Great news Parents and Kids. There will be 9 teachers cut, 5 aides cut, and significant modification to the middle school teaching philosophy which will cut 5 more teacher positions but, and this is a big but, the Board President and Board were able to save the $100,000 in bonuses for top executive staff and add an accountant position. No one disputes the need for administrators and staff to run this District but the continued refusal of this Board to exact any share of personal pain on the Central office administration destroys any credibility of this to say "It's all about the kids". Does this Board really live in never never land and expect that any union is going to entertain 1 dime of cuts or sacrifice when the leadership which should lead by example is provided with huge bonuses and added positions?

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May-14-13 8:51 AM

Is it any surprise that there has been push back with regard to the LEC in efforts to consolidate to another building? Here is a program that apparently feels that it should be immune from any cuts or sacrifice. I have spent some time reviewing school district websites and other information regarding the "gifted program". It seems that these programs as a whole are not in separate buildings and in majority of districts receive just enough funds to meet the mandates. In this District the LEC seems to be a sacred cow second only to Administrative bonuses.

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May-14-13 9:25 AM

I'm confused, this artical says a cut of $250,000 is five teachers, that's $50,000 per teacher. The next article says they will hire three new elementary teachers at $65,000 each. Am I missing something, or is this why they need an accountant?

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May-14-13 9:27 AM

Unless you are a school board member or part of the administrative staff this article is completely unintelligible. What the heck is a "special?" What in the world does AVES stand for? Stop writing for your sources and start writing for your readers. Thanks for un-informing us!

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May-14-13 9:55 AM

What in the world does AVES stand for?

Allegheny Valley Elementary School?

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May-14-13 9:57 AM

Board member Mike Zamborik said that "what we're doing here (in terms of raising taxes), (we are) going to that ourselves for this time next year."

What in the world does that mean?

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May-14-13 9:59 AM

Stewart said that administration has asked "will those buildings go together? They really will,"

It's always easiest to get consensus when you ask yourself a question then answer it.

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May-14-13 10:00 AM

MTOMTO: sounds reasonable to me. Journalism 101 states that the first time you use an acronym in an article you must tell the reader what it stands for. This is the first time I have seen AVES used. I am still wondering what a "special" is. Maybe the point of the article is to mystify the reader. Apparently we are not intelligent enough to understand. After all, we were educated by the WCSD (Warren County School District).

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May-14-13 10:08 AM

"Special" is an arcane term for the co-curricular subjects such as Art, PE, Music, Computer Tech. By designating them as "Special" some admins marginalize both the subject and the teacher.

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May-14-13 10:14 AM

A budget of $67 Million with 4,661 students means we are spending $14,374 per pupil. We could save money by sending them all to community college. How is it that private grade schools and private high schools can educate students for much less?

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May-14-13 10:17 AM

Thank you vetsdottir: If we have no PE, music, art, or computer training, why go to high school at all?

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May-14-13 10:18 AM

Utherjorge: you are exaggerating. This article is a good example of bad journalism. I'm sorry. I love the TO, but this article as so many holes in it you could drive a truck through it.

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May-14-13 10:36 AM

"Anyone involved in education EVER or that has been paying any attention to these issues knows what they are."

What is "EVER" an acronym for?

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May-14-13 10:38 AM

"and what are YEMS?"

Another name for sweet potatos?

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May-14-13 12:04 PM

Hey Art! You can rearrange the deck chairs as many ways as you like, but rest assured: The ship is going DOWN.

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May-14-13 12:38 PM

And the Board President and board is making sure they feather the nests of the highest paid execs no matter how dire the educational circumstances. That $100,000 in bonuses is all about the kids!!

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May-14-13 2:28 PM

What the board in essence voted in favor of was to make every property owner pay more in taxes, in order to make sure the PSERS ( or teachers retirement fund) continues to be funded at the expense of the taxpayer. The school board is saying that YOU the taxpayer, who's pensions are not guaranteed, will have to pay more for the teachers pension, which is guaranteed. Look at my comments from a few weeks ago. The board did exactly what I said they would. Think Amy Stewart, or Gary Weber are going to pony up and give back their bonus in order to save a fellow teacher ? Think Jack Werner is ever going to cast a vote against keeping money flowing into his pension? If you want real cuts that DON'T hurt the children's education, eliminate 3 administrators for every teacher and eliminate the guaranteed pensions.

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May-14-13 3:06 PM

Instead of raising taxes why not reassess the property taxes. When I bought my house 5 years ago I found out I was paying higher taxes than all of my neighbors, all of whom are much older and have had their houses for 20 - 30 years. Their houses were in much better shape, so I went in and did manage to get my taxes lowered, however it is still the highest taxed house on my street. So how many houses across the district are being under taxed.

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May-14-13 3:15 PM

But at least every community still has a high school and their beloved sports teams.

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May-14-13 3:25 PM

Good point James and I have made that in a few of my comments over the past month. While it is beyond belief that this Board funds Executive bonuses while the education and the extras that are part of normal school experiences go up in flames we also need to hold the Administrators themselves accountable. What a group, what an example they set. Instead of saying, we know the Super position is vacant but we have a responsibility to pick up the slack, bear some burden, suffer some of the pain that laid off teachers, current staff in the trenches and the students are bearing.After all we are the highest compensated to begin with. How sad there isn't a one of them who would return or refuse the bonus.

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May-14-13 3:52 PM

I still don't understand that with fewer students, fewer teachers, fewer course offerrings, and fewer buildings why the level of administration needs to be maintained and even increased. Doesn' it stand to reason that with less of everything to administer, you should be able to do it with less people?

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May-14-13 3:56 PM

The School Board and Central Office SHOULD BE feeling pretty bad about themselves!! I don't know how they sleep at night. BUT I guess if you are able to give yourself raises for all the extra work that you do( LOL)They are all just exhausted. WHAT A JOKE!!! Oh but wait they do all this for the kids !!! I just can't believe residents of Warren County are allowing this!

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May-14-13 4:41 PM

Well this is what happens when people sit back & let the crocks do whatever they want. Come on people time to speak up. After the superintendent fiasco & the way the board handles every crisis, we should be calling for all their resignations. The people need to speak up & get rid of the board & Arthur Stewart. Nothing will change until this is done.

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May-14-13 4:42 PM

The residents of Warren County did this!

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