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Weapon question

April 25, 2013

Dear editor: Here are some simple questions for “John Q Public” and our Politicians....

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May-02-13 7:49 AM

Having served in the military, in a position that made me intamatley familiar with "fields of fire", I can say definitely that a field of fire laid out by a fully automatic weapon is far far deadlier than a semi-automatic weapon. An effective field of fire is something to be very afraid of.

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Apr-30-13 7:31 AM

"If you tell a lie enough people think it is true." You just had to bring up the results of the 2012 election, didn't you. Couldn't let that one go.

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Apr-29-13 12:06 PM

The only thing spinning is your head when you see the name Gary Payton, har har!

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Apr-27-13 3:10 PM

Sorry the facts don't support your anti anything gun attitude Gary. Just keep with the emotion, name calling and spin. It seems to suit you. The president has taught you well.

BTW-- If guns are evil and shouldn't be allowed near schools why is it that Newtown now has armed security.

If background checks are so necessary why is it that a large number of states including Pennsylvania won't enter their states mental health records in the NICS data bank. Not much sense in checking for something that isn't there.

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Apr-27-13 2:19 PM

Why don't you just go off the grid and head for the hills?? The evil government and media are tracking you on this very website!! Don't look back, RUN!!

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Apr-27-13 2:17 PM

Look at you jumping on the media hype bandwagon when it supports your pre-decided conclusion that Mass. is populated by a bunch of unarmed cowards! "City cowers in fear" is a better headline than "civilians stay indoors so police can do their jobs." I feel bad for kids in families where daddy goes for the guns every time a fly hits the screen door.

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Apr-27-13 11:55 AM

You think it is insulting---did you follow the news----have you read any of the many articles about the issue on the net. It shouldn't be that way but it sure as heck was.

As far as Obama wanting to ban the guns, he sure does, he just didn't have the votes. Look what Cuomo did in New York. He even started a $500 reward for turning in your neighbor who has guns.

Dianne Feinstein is on record stating that is her objective and a lady senator from Illinois is on record stating this was just a starting point with the goal being banning all handguns.

Some of us have been following this issue for too long and have been fooled before. It's not going to happen again.

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Apr-27-13 8:44 AM

LIBERAL and proud! Don't tred on me. I am proud to be an American and have these discussions. Unfortunately, we have lost our ability to be informed on issues and think Obama is taking away your guns and the people of Boston cower behind their doors? This is insulting. Please, think before you type.If you tell a lie enough people think it is true. Great letter. Thanks Mr. G.

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Apr-26-13 7:32 PM

Must be your a liberal---that's the typical liberal response when the facts don't support their claims. Either resort to emotion or name calling. Following the presidents lead I see.

For your info I was well trained to use it and while I hope I don't ever have to as a civilian I will not cower behind a locked door in fear of a criminal or terrorist and no one should.

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Apr-26-13 7:22 PM

Seem to me that you can't wait to "use it." Yer a newspaper blog hero...

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Apr-26-13 6:01 PM

Don't normally do cut and paste but here is one from a article off the web titled---"FEAR SHUTS DOWN BOSTON" there are several others addressing the same topic.----- The public is complying with the response, because though the risk may be statistically tiny, the fear is HUGE and REAL and NOW. In these circumstances human cognition defaults to something called ‘loss aversion’, when the emotional power of danger and loss outweighs the more rational consideration of other factors. Another things happens when we are afraid. The Fight or Flight or Freeze response to fear shifts neural chemistry and systems in the brain so we give way more weight to emotion and instinct than to careful cognitive rational reason. The question about whether this WAS an overreaction, which will probably come up after this all calms down, will sound logical LATER. It sounds absurd now, because we are afraid.-----and may I add unarmed. Better to be prepared and hope you never have to use it.

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Apr-26-13 5:02 PM

Not exactly. The POLICE shut down the city to catch a bad guy, which they did, as they were trained to do. Your itchy trigger finger was not needed.

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Apr-26-13 12:23 PM

Probably the same thing up to 2.3 million other citizens do every year. Have it handy and use it to protect yourself if the terrorist's tried to break into your house.

Problem is in Boston the citizens are not allowed to have firearms without a long and tedious process and proving you need one. Instead they spent the night cowering behind a locked door hoping the heavily armed police with actual assault rifles could protect them. One man shut down a whole city out of fear.

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Apr-26-13 11:35 AM

And what would YOU have done that night? You and your gun? Give me a break.

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Apr-25-13 3:29 PM

Punish the innocent and turn this country into a police state. Make more and more laws in which to take peoples' money and to throw them into jail. Reach for that ultimate control that Liberals seek. What they don't realize is, the more they try to control the more mentally ill people will arise. People were not meant to be controlled by others. Which is what gave birth to democracy. For some reason Liberals want to throw it away and they want to be your boss.

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Apr-25-13 11:00 AM

You don't like that comment for someone who took the lives of school kids in Newton and Columbine just for kicks but think it's ok for their actions to be used to disarm all of America. Sorry but in those cases the comment stands. Keep the mentally ill designation for those who are peaceful.

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Apr-25-13 9:56 AM

Colorado, your arrogance is exceeded only by your ignorance. None of the shooters you cite was mentally "retarded." But you are stupid for misusing the word and unfairly casting suspicion on a group of people who are among our most peaceable citizens.

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Apr-25-13 8:31 AM

Ban forks and spoons too. They make Americans fat and lazy. And make the plates smaller. High capacity makes you fatter quicker.

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Apr-25-13 7:30 AM

What's your point---Fully automatics are banned for civilian use for all practical purposes. Do you want all semi's banned also? Most liberals do even though they have been around and used by law abiding citizens for over a century.

The first semi auto rifle with a 20 round magazine was used by the Austrian military 11 years before our bill of rights gave us the second amendment protecting the citizens right to own firearms.

I have several semi's that someone in the family has used for over 60 years. Are you suggesting I turn them in because a few mentally retarded individuals used one to kill folks?

The modern semi's were used in a average of less than 45 murders a year between 2004 and 2012 per Dianne Feinstein. Bats and clubs were used in ten times that many murders. Little league baseball, softball, sorry, but you will have to turn them in for the good of society. Is that what you want?

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Apr-25-13 7:25 AM

This logic means the arquebus is the most dangerous weapon of all.

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