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Gun control?

April 24, 2013

Dear editor: When the present laws are not enforced and government hogties law abiding citizens to make it harder to obtain guns and ammunition because criminals use them is to tell the innocent and......

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May-09-13 12:47 AM

Yes, I to would like to know who conducted the "poll" and from what locale the participants hailed from. Bogus numbers in IMO. It's not a gun problem, it is a people problem.

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Apr-25-13 7:01 PM

This may be the first time I thought Brazil ever had a point on any of his comments regarding firearms. If Corbett and Toomey would get replaced by two liberals this state could become as bad as New York is now.

The interesting thing about all the fuss over background checks is our own state is one of many that are responsible for the current system not working. We have good data on mental health for our state checks but have never entered it into the federal background check system. Everyone raised a fuss over the bill getting shot down but seem unconcerned that it has never worked to begin with. Even when they do catch someone they don't do anything about it due to lack of manpower and funding. It's all about politics.

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Apr-25-13 5:59 PM

Toomey won in a Republican wave year and barely at that. He wouldn't have come within 5 points of Sestak in 2012 but I just love your strategy and am fully supportive of the right wing entering a candidate for a bruising primary against Toomey.

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Apr-25-13 3:33 PM

Brazil, the republicans will have a chance to elect a real Republican. Toomy is an RINO (Republican in name only). Another unrespected Arlen Specter type turncoat gone to the dark side. He is done. There is now an even chance for real conservative representation.

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Apr-25-13 11:50 AM

I'm loving it Colorado. Corbett will lose the governorship in less than two years and you'll pick off one of your own in the Senate race as well. Thank you!!! Demographics is where it's at. Check rural PA, not doing so well population wise. Check the moderate suburbs of Philly/Pitt/and those that feed into northern NJ and NYC., growing. The background check legislation and other gun control legislation is going to pass. All the NRA is doing is delaying the inevitable.

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Apr-24-13 5:53 PM

The vote shows the fallacy of relying too heavily on snap polls. A example is North Dakota where the media poll claimed 94% backed them but Senator Heitkamp's data showed 80% against them so that was how she voted.

You couldn't get 96% of Pennas population to agree on anything.

As far as Toomey goes Brazil may be correct about getting a liberal to replace him. However, he is a survivalist and doing what he did endeared him to the big city gun control Democrats without actually passing anything. If he can survive the primaries he should win his seat. His best hope is he gets an opponent with a history of being anti gun in the primaries.

He didn't blow up on the gun owners after the defeat like his partner did. That should help him a bit.

Casey is another story, he did a 180 and supported the gun ban. I'll try to remind him of that come election time.

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Apr-24-13 5:45 PM

One has to wonder where they get their figures? 96%. I highly doubt! No way that is a true accurate poll. More like 96% of the people are NOT willing to give up their constitutional rights which these idiots swore to uphold!

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Apr-24-13 4:57 PM

I like to send empty envelopes. It keeps them guessing.

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Apr-24-13 4:00 PM

Odd. When was this poll? No one ever asked my opinion, how about anyone else? Did they ask you?

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Apr-24-13 2:48 PM

Well let's see sir, a statewide poll showed 96% of Pennsylvanians thought background checks at gun shows and on internet sales was appropriate which was included in the Toomey - Manchin bill. Actually you and I are on the same side. I am hoping for Toomey's defeat as well as overall he is a very right wing Republican and the idea of him being replaced by a moderate Democrat is very appealing. Glad you agree, and that Democrat is more likely to be supportive of much stronger measures than Senator Toomey. So we are on the same page here!!

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Apr-24-13 10:07 AM

My letters to "representatives" frequently elicit a canned, "thanks for your input, but I know better than you and I'm going to do what I want anyway." They are also sprinkled with glittering, politically correct and expedient mean-nothing generalities. Still, I let them know where I stand.

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Apr-24-13 9:10 AM

Well said Dan. Also thank you for contacting me. I am still waiting on a return call from the person you put me in contact with.

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Apr-24-13 8:29 AM

At least you received a response. I'm still waiting for mine, maybe just before the primary?

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