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Student control

April 22, 2013

Dear editor: On April 16, South Street School held a grandparents day. In which grandparents were invited to eat lunch with their respected grandchild....

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Apr-22-13 2:42 AM

Had he read the letter sent home about grandparents day, it states no outside fast food would be permitted to be brought in that day. A healthy lunch from home would have avoided the whole issue or purchasing a meal from school like everyone else. I can't side with the argument for letting kids eat the junk from fast food restaurants. The idea that they are hurting your kids because they didn't allow a fattening food brought in to eat is ludicrous. They aren't trying to be controlling, they are trying to teach healthy eating habits and choices to our children. Have you looked around at the amount of unhealthy, heavy kids now adays? If healthy habits can't be taught at home, at least they can't try to taught at school. Furthermore, studies have proven that kids who eat healthy meals are more apt to perform well in school. It was rule, we need to teach our kids to follow them, even if we don't like them or agree them. This isn't about control! In the end, our children' health benefits.

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Apr-22-13 2:43 AM

* I meant "at least they CAN try to taught at school."

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Apr-22-13 5:41 AM

They aren't learning much else,,might as well teach them what to eat.

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Apr-22-13 7:18 AM

What constitutes "fast food" a turkey sub from Subway, a hamburger and salad from MacDonalds or a grilled chicken sandwich and baked potato from Wendys? People can make a far less healthy lunch at home. Cold cuts and chips can contain far fat and nitrates than some "fast food" choices. Also, what about portion control are they going to limit how much food a child can eat?

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Apr-22-13 8:11 AM

Kelly14, what else do you suppose is in the best interest of my child, or my neighbors' child? Perhaps you could list the things that "the state" has now assumed responsibility for teaching our children.

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Apr-22-13 10:26 AM

"Control" is a bit extreme. How about obeying the rules? Having the grandparents go to school and eat what the kids usually eat is part of the fun. You can get McDonald's on your own time. I'm with the school on this one....

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Apr-22-13 11:20 AM

""Control" is a bit extreme. How about obeying the rules?" - really, the dictionary use of the term seems fitting.

con·trol /k?n'trol/ Noun The power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. Verb Determine the behavior or supervise the running of.

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Apr-22-13 11:39 AM

I really don't see the big deal here. For one day, out of 180 days, the school is offering to feed grandparents the same food their grandchildren eat every day. Someone shows up with a no-no and the school is blamed. Really? Now, if g-parents day included g-ma bringing in food, OMG!"We pay school taxes and WE have to bring food to the school?" Some people are never happy.

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Apr-22-13 12:58 PM

So much for encouraging a "special" lunch with a G-parent. In this day and age, most G-parents I know still work. What did this woman have to do in order to get there? Swap lunch times with a co-worker, maybe take a vacation day, work over to make the time up or not get paid for the time off. So maybe the next time hide the McDonald's stuff in a plain brown paper bag is the why to go Or are they going to inspect what is in any bag to begin with.

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Apr-22-13 1:42 PM

Kelly how would you like it if the school decided that your child was only allowed to wear black or white to school. Because somebody decided that colors would be a distraction to their learning. Just because you agree that the food isn't the healthiest doesn't mean that the rule should exist. The school lunches that are served are no more healthier than that from McDonald's, they serve pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries. It's a rule based on someone's personal opinion. Who ever made the rule decided they didn't like the children to eat McDonald's so they took it upon their self to apply this rule. Meanwhile taking a personal choice freedom away from the parents. Freedoms are not to be given up to any government body. Yet it has been happening all across this country as Liberal minded people feel that they must control everyone else and are using government positions to do so.

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Apr-22-13 2:25 PM

Agree with writer 10 on the issue that the meals served by the School District's food provider are for the most part a textbook case of fast food entrees

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Apr-22-13 2:33 PM

Was this health food day or was it Grandparents day? As stated this was "Grandparents day".

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Apr-22-13 2:44 PM

If this was a "Hosted" event then no one should have brought any thing.

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Apr-22-13 2:47 PM

Try sending you kid to school with a big bag of pork rinds and a bottle of mountain dew. I think that you might get reported to child protective services.

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Apr-22-13 2:54 PM

Dispite what a lot of people said I think the schools are sticking their noses in where they do not belong. They are getting to much like a private Corp.

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Apr-22-13 3:52 PM

You're mistaken, private corps. don't stick their noses in your private business, that seems to be what the government thinks is their job.

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Apr-22-13 4:54 PM

Believe me private Corp do stick their noses in your business. The bottom line is this was "Grandparent" lunch day. Choice was either bring a lunch or buy the lunch.

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Apr-22-13 10:38 PM

I think grandparents day is a nice idea, however, there are always stipulations the school adds. Also, it is amazing that grandparents day always seems to coincide with the book fair. The school is concerned about bringing food in, but what the kids that dont get something from the book fair because grandparents cant afford it.

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Apr-23-13 12:33 AM

Haha. Actually writer10, my kids used to have to wear a uniform to school, it just wasn't black and white! But if that was the rule, so be it! It's part of a rule. And a salad at McDonald's if eaten with ranch dressing has more grand of fat per serving than a Big Mac! If you grandma and gramps still work, it woulda been cheaper for them to buy a meal there! Sorry can't side with you on this one. I don't care or even look who disagrees on here with me. I don't care. Enjoy your McDonald's!

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Apr-23-13 12:42 AM

Future 3054, I couldn't agree with you more about the book fairs! When my girls were in school and my father went to grandparents day I knew they would be coming home with books. I felt the same way and didn't like that some kids grandparents couldn't afford them and wouldn't be able to get one. I'm glad those days are over and they are in high school and college now. How they were able to make it all the way through being so "controlled" and get into a good college is beyond me! (Sarcasm) Haha

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Apr-23-13 2:35 AM

Kelly, it is your choice if you wish to be told how to raise your child. Just like it is my choice to say it is none of their business to be doing so. Some people like to have their hands held and told what to do, others are more independent in do not need others to force their way onto them. It sickens me how the weak are so willing to let their freedoms slip away, just to avoid rocking the boat a little bit. I will never accept rules made for the sake of making a rule based on ones own opinion. It just isn't right.

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Apr-23-13 2:57 AM

I'm not told how to raise my child. I follow rules and they do as well. But as always, if someone disagrees with your views you try to slam them. Carry on with your life writer10. I rest well at night knowing I've raised my kids to be independent, follow rules, and productive members of society. Do have a great day.

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Apr-23-13 5:01 AM

I believe in rules, I obey most rules. I will challenge rules that I feel need challenged. This is America which allows me to do so. I did not grow up in the old Russia or current Iran, where to challenge rules I would end up in jail or worse. In America I can voice my opinion and not fear incarnation, the same as anybody else in America.

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Apr-23-13 5:32 AM

My children were raised to be independent thinkers. To question the validity of rules, knowing that if they choose to challenge, ignore or break rules that they can pay a price. It is better then them following blindly.

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Apr-23-13 8:43 AM

Look, if the other kids see one kid and grandma getting special treatment, then all the other grandmas look dorky for not having brought McDonald's food. The whiner is a veteran, sure, and I respect his military service, but he sure is a dumbass when it comes to freedom vs. anarchy. Why didn't he try to bring McDonald's into lunch at basic training? Sheesh. The idea was to eat the school's food. Grandma has a screw loose, and so does the whiner.

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