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Y’ville bans tobacco in boro parks

April 17, 2013

Youngsville Borough is going tobacco-free for its public green spaces....

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Apr-19-13 2:24 PM

Smokers already do have a designated place to "enjoy" their tobacco freedom. It's called their residence. Keep the smoke and the butts out of all public places.

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Apr-19-13 12:30 AM

as a former smoker i totally agree with their choices, maybe not a complete ban but limits would be nice. i haven't touched a cigarette since 2008 and trust me it feels wonderful!! now don't get me wrong i have NOTHING against smokers but i will be the first to admit that i HATE being next to someone who lights up and could care less who is there. why not add a designated area for smokers? then those of us who don't smoke can be away from it and those who do still have the freedom that we are all entitled to!!!

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Apr-18-13 1:55 PM

Tobacco is a poison that kills people every day. If people want to smoke or chew that junk, do it under the rock where you live. Poison your own kids, not mine. There is no place for tobacco in public places.

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Apr-18-13 8:30 AM

Maybe we should look into doing something for the children that is positive??? Give them a place to hang out or just to be a kid in a small town without being harassed by local Barney Fife. Kids need positive influence not more rules and bans...Skintown needs to concentrate on positives and stop wasting time and taxes on making more rules.

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Apr-17-13 10:34 AM

BIG DEAL! So you can't smoke in a park where there will be young children trying to play. GET OVER IT!

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Apr-17-13 9:41 AM

Well I guess some people cannot get beyond their nose. I am very much for this smoking ban. We need to start making some healthy changes in this corrupt world. Too many young people think that rules and good behavior do not pertain to them. It is sad when I cannot take my children to a park because of the 16,17,18 or older kids are there smoking, swearing, acting like morons. They have no respect for me or my children while I am sitting right there. And YES! it does start with the parents, but as a parent of a teenager, I am not with them 24/7. I can only hope they are making the right choices and respecting others. Cigarette smoke IS harmful in many ways. So good job YOUNGSVILLE! P.S. I used to smoke, it will not kill the smokers to smoke somewhere else while they are out and about with their children.

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Apr-17-13 9:10 AM

Alright, then I say you have to ban cookouts too. There may be a vegetarian that wants to go to the parks and should not have to smell that disgusting meat cooking, right?

Did you use lighter fluid to get that charcoal started? Don't get me going on the smell and safety of that stuff.

I will also play the "global warming" card for the outdoor cooking ban. Or is the politically correct term "climate change" now?

Any way, prepare to kiss your BBQ goodbye.

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Apr-17-13 8:40 AM

Gee I didn't know Youngsville smoke was so bad.I'll stay out of that town.

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Apr-17-13 8:23 AM

I'll agree that smelling or inhaling someone's cigarette smoke is unpleasant and can be disgusting. But, there has to be a line where common sense and decency reigns in society. This era we have entered is one where that is fading away in lieu of government dictating it for us. Personally, if I am bothered by someone's smoke, I move. We have to get back to live and let live and the government needs to get out of the business of running people's lives. I moved down to Y'ville from New York because PA was less restrictive. I am not sure how long it will remain that way.

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Apr-17-13 7:27 AM

Thank you, Youngsville for going tobacco-free. There's nothing worse than trying to enjoy some time on a playground or other park with your young child and having to endure other people's disgusting smoke.

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Apr-17-13 1:36 AM

I don't smoke and I think it's very unpleasant. That being said, I don't agree with smoking bans, especially outdoor smoking bans. This is just too much government interference with people's lives, and I am saddened to see Youngsville going down the same slippery slope that our neighbors to the North have. I understand they don't want a negative influence on children, but that's what parenting is for. Youngsville just moved a little bit more towards the libtard column and closer to joining NYC. SHAME ON THEM!

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