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Finding Answers

Policy exempts board meetings

April 15, 2013

A question arose at last week’s meeting of the Warren County School District’s board of directors that is increasingly common among district residents: Where do you go to get answers on district......

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Apr-15-13 8:07 AM

The next committee meeting is the 29th at 6pm. Negative criticisms only hold our board to accountability.My children only hear the negativity that I choose to let them hear. Mr Stewart has yet to address recent short comings of the board and seems to pretend that all is well. Right now, our board cheers and pats themselves on the back for being the most transparent and collaborative board ever. They are such a great team with the directors that have too much work since they have less directors than once before. They fail to mention that those directors have simply changed titles to being administrators. They fail to mention that unless you file a right to know, you will not know anything except what they want to control, and be prepared for a 30 day extension. They fail to mention that to them working collaboratively means they don't question what administration wants, even if they know it's not best for education.

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Apr-15-13 8:27 AM

i was wondering when the " ALL ABOUT THE CHILDEREN" was going to come out.

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Apr-15-13 8:38 AM

There is a candidate-less school board seat and candidate-less Council seats. I wish some of these vocal posters would run so they could fix all of this.

As to Mr. Stewart's comment, I think it has a lot of merit. It is almost like a giant middle finger to his antagonists.

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Apr-15-13 9:04 AM

Caught with their hand in the cookie jar and don't like it! I think they need a time out! A Permanent time out!

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Apr-15-13 10:15 AM

Jimmy1, why aren't you running, then? The only way to un-elect someone is to elect someone else. Moaners and complainers never get anything accomplished. Constructive critics sometimes do, and committed candidates usually can.

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Apr-15-13 10:41 AM

I don't care to be part of the corruption. I've seen others run and end up going with the flow. I want no part of it! You either go with the flow or your life becomes miserable. Seen it happen too many times to want to be part of it. When others do stuff like we are hearing about it reflects on the whole body involved as we have just seen here. Why would I want me name dragged through the mud when someone else does something.

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Apr-15-13 10:42 AM beat me to it. Some of the most outspoken critics of the current board (and city Council) live where there are open seats.

Art's comments are spot on. There is never anything wrong with pointing out problems or calling for accountability. However, some people in Warren take it to a new level.

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Apr-15-13 10:44 AM

Best we can do is catch them weather it be the school board, city council, or any other group with their hand in the cookie jar and hold them responsible

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Apr-15-13 11:20 AM

We only wish that Board would have been upfront and truthful with the Public regarding the recent Superintendent issue and furthermore would have provided the public with just cause as to why the superintendent was reimbursed for moving expenses that had nothing to do with moving. The audacity of this Board not to level with the Public, have certain members of the public and media file legal requests to obtain information and share that information with the public, have the issue blow up in the Board's face and then have the Board President lecture the Public on negative talk sets a new record for hypocrisy. The Board President is correct about the kids being affected. Unfortunately he appears too tone deaf to understand the direct actions of the Board are the main cause of the affect.

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Apr-15-13 11:23 AM

As far as running for the Board and criticism, I was not aware that only active candidates are permitted to criticize. I have complimented the Board and the former Superintendent for some decisions and I guess I'll maintain my right to criticize where I see fit as well. If others want to criticize those who do so under the mantle of "Run for office or be quiet" I'll let them seek that refuge, knowing it is a refuge free of ideas and one of last resort.

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Apr-15-13 11:26 AM

Brazil....that is where his comment is spot on. One does not have to agree with it to believe it to be accurate. This is effecting the children and their education.

There is a problem that needs to be addressed. Random and venomous posts on the internet won't do it. Running and getting elected will. If there is a hypocrisy, it is the fact that some scream from the highest roof tops that things need to change and then leave unfilled seats that their fannies could fill. If they want change and think the current board ***** and that they have all the answers, then step up. Take a swing. Show us by actions.

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Apr-15-13 11:33 AM

Also instead of Board President Stewart giving us a lecture on Section 2510 I was wondering what time his lecture will be on the Board granting exorbitant prespective bonuses to already highly paid administrators for the duration, if not longer, of the Superintendent's position being unfilled. Most struggling private businesses wouldn't take that sort of action, especially prespectively. A District which has with, a few notable political exceptions, pursued a scorched earth budget policy. Yes I yearn for the lecture on how this $10,000 per month expenditure was more important then adding back a couple needed positions, replacing some well worn out textbooks, etc. etc. etc. The Board appears unable and unwilling to answer those questions. Tomorrow we'll be on to the Board President's rendition of Section 2511, then 2512.

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Apr-15-13 11:36 AM

Would you really want me sitting on the board? Honestly?

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Apr-15-13 12:21 PM only needs to be a voter to criticize those they voted for, to say they must put their hat in the ring for their arguments to be credible is simply a way to try to discredit criticism when there is no other argument. Some of the board members, their spouses, and directors are saying the same as you are. Some of our most heated elections have been by write in candidates so don't count the election out just to win an the end, you may just get your wish and regret what you are asking for...

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Apr-15-13 12:26 PM

Pulled Pork I couldn't disagree more with your premise. I don't see venom in many of the posts and certainly not in Ms. Petersons letter to the editor. People want answers to specific questions. The Board President instead decides to pontificate on code and regulations. Just address the issues of bonuses and board reimbursements to the former Superintendent. He speaks volumes by not addressing the issues and instead lecturing everyone on regulations and protocol. He needs to step to the plate and explain in the tough environment we are in budgetarily why the Board felt bonuses were a more pressing need then textbooks, custodians, teachers, teacher aides, school supplies, support extra-curriculars etc.

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Apr-15-13 12:36 PM

SOS, I did not speak a word about the crdibility of an argument at all. That is your chip not mine.

I simply stated that if one truly has all the answers and could do a better job they should take a swing at the ball. After all, the children's education and future is worth it.....isn't it?

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Apr-15-13 12:41 PM

Brazil, it is rather obvious that you have not read some of the non WTO and letter to the editor rants by many of the same individuals. Just because the behavior is proper in your class doesn't mean they act the same in every teacher's room. Maybe it is caused by the red dye.

Regardless, I thought Ms Peterson's letter to the editor was good. But that is irrelevant to my point. I also agree with Mr. Stewart that public floggings will do little to dissuade the behavior of volunteers. Especially Volunteers that run a business, rather successfully, and whose children are no longer part of the insanity known as the WCSD. Equates to trying to teach a pig to sing. The pig just gets ticked off and you just get frustrated.

Energy would be better spent on making a difference not talking about it.

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Apr-15-13 12:47 PM

If it is worth anything, I think that write-ins can be effective in many ways other than an outright victory. Depends on your goals.

Also would appear that Pulled and Brazil are arguing similar points from different perspectives. That is, things were not done right and there needs to be accountability and change.

Just my two cents.

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Apr-15-13 12:52 PM

Ok, I was going to post back pulledpork to continue having an intelligent conversation about why you are wrong but then you posted about the district being ran successfully....oh my word....really? I hope those are legally prescribed drugs....

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Apr-15-13 12:57 PM

SOS, you appear to be a self annoited expert on most everything. Do you have knowledge that would indicate that Mr. Stewart has not run a successful Law Practice or OGM Business or are you allowing your personal hatred of his job on the school board to skew the facts just a wee bit?

The fact that the school district is run in a troubling fashion does not equate to his personal businesses being in the same boat.

You have digressed from rational conversation to personal attacks. Typical of the backyard bully type......or do you have bad meds?

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Apr-15-13 1:08 PM

You spoke of volunteers and the wcsd....excuse me for reading it as if you were posting about the district. For your information, the particular board member you added speaking about does have a child in the district.

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Apr-15-13 1:11 PM

But the thought of someone thinking the district was being ran successfully was good....many issues are laid at the feet of our board president and for good reason but we must not forget that it is a board of nine.

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Apr-15-13 1:29 PM

I'm not an expert on everything but I am outspoken about what I care about. To assume people can only be active in the process if they step into a particular role is wrong. We entrust others with certain roles and step into our own roles based on our limitations. We also should not assume the game is over just because someone has refused to throw a hail Mary in the first quarter. If that is your way, then it is only fair for the question to be thrown back at you. Have you ran for any office that you have ever criticized? Maybe you have, maybe you have not but if I was serving on the school board is it then not fair of me to criticize the city because I didn't choose to run for city council? Would it be fair of me to run if my limitations were such that I could not serve in a consistent fashion? Maybe I am throwing my Fannie in and you just aren't privy to that information yet just as you may be a former board candidate and I'm not privy to that info.

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Apr-15-13 2:00 PM

Criticism is fine. Although, when the tone becomes brow beating and authoritarian, then it becomes something different.

I would venture to guess that if someone has enough time to call architects, Auditors, file right to knows, build pages on social media, rally others to do the same, spend countless hours picking apart the actions of a 9 member board, email the members of that board, etc.... that they have time to run and serve on a board. Some posters here and there have done all of these things.

I for one, as a citizen and taxpayer, would love to see them do it and instill the transparency that is lost and provide direction that is missing.

My time has come and passed. In it I have served in voluntary, paid and elected positions. If it moved or bothered me enough to get fired up about it then it motivated me enough to join or run.

I have tried to make a difference. You would have to ask others if I was successful.

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Apr-15-13 2:41 PM

I would just like to say in response to some of pulled porks comments that some of us have eldery family members that we care for in addition to children, jobs, and vollunteer at the school on a regular basis. Just because we do not have the time to serve on the school board, does not mean especially as parents, we should not have the right to voice our concern and call the school board out when they are not being forthcoming. We need people like Nicole Peterson to stand up for us and let us know what is going on because so much information is swept under the rug. She serves us better as an advocate then she would on the board because she can freely pass on this information without the pressure of the rest of the board. They need to be held accountable by someone. I thank Nicole and other advocates like her.

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