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Gun control?

April 5, 2013

Dear editor: Gun control? Or this is the what you will do and if you do not, then the elected official will pass a law that says you will. Do not pass go. Just go straight to jail....

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Apr-05-13 5:24 AM

The problem with background checks as presently proposed is they require a permanent record be kept of them which is simply gun registration. Currently the law states that once the check is completed and buyer has passed the government destroys the record.

If the liberals refuse to change that requirement the proposal will probably not pass and it will be their own fault as the requirement is not needed except to create a gun registry .

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Apr-05-13 6:42 AM

Homeland is believed to have enough ammo to last for 20 years. Meanwhile the Marines have been told to scale down on training with ammo as a result of the budget being cut. Something is seriously wrong with that picture.

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Apr-05-13 11:29 AM

The 500,000 coffin claim is completely false. After fact checking one item I decided it wasn't worth the time debunking the other myths in the article.

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Apr-05-13 11:41 AM

This is template letter to the editor found in the appendix of the new book, Glenn Beck for Dummies.

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Apr-05-13 12:21 PM

Do we have a gun control problem or a mental health control problem? I think the later.

Check out this latest headline:

Psychiatrist warned of Holmes threats before shooting, documents show

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Apr-05-13 4:34 PM

lifelong, I don't believe it's one or the other, I think it's both.

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Apr-05-13 7:23 PM

Brazil, maybe denial makes you feel safer about the coffins but reality, by definition, is reality. Do some more research.

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Apr-05-13 9:03 PM

"I say you cut the Military budget by 20% and make them be responsable for the $ they spend on thier contracts..." Last month we had 13,000 new disability recipients. We could take that 20% military savings and put even more able-bodied people on the public dole. The only difference is we'd get NOTHING in return vs having a strong national defense. I'm not saying that there's no waste in the military. There is. But why pick solely on them. Why not attack congressional pay/perks/pensions? Why not cut tax-payer funded murder at Planned Parenthood? Why not focus on Welfare fraud? Why??

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Apr-06-13 7:22 AM

You tell 'em, Dale. I find it funny (sad) that our society kills unborn children but we go out of our way to spare the lives of murderers. I say we make good on the death sentence when it is handed down. EXPEDITE IT, as well. Also extend the honor of a death sentence to anyone deemed a "career criminal". If your chosen vocation is taking advantage of the lawful citizens, then adios to you as well. All of the money we would save in supporting the dregs of our society could go towards something more useful. The same with welfare. Find the dead weight that are abusing the system and prosecute them.

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Apr-06-13 8:31 PM

Turn off Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura and come back to reality, please. The door is open.

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Apr-06-13 8:39 PM

So a car and a gun are equal? Okay. I have to prove I can operate a car competently, register my car with the state, and insure it because I might use it to cause property damage, bodily harm or even death. So why again shouldn't the same rules apply to guns?

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Apr-08-13 5:28 AM

The coffins are real and stored as claimed. The reason for them depends on who you ask may be benign and the number may be high but they are stored as claimed.

KareyS----we have got along just fine without a special, expensive gun owner insurance policy for over 200 years. This is simply an attempt to discourage the lawful ownership of firearms. The second amendment covers the rest and gun registration has been used in many countries a the last step before confiscation.

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Apr-09-13 9:32 AM

"What we need is insurance against terrorist, and crooked politicians."

And a policy to cover stupid too.

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Apr-09-13 11:32 AM

Colorado - first of all they are not coffins, they are burial vaults. Secondly reliable estimates put the number at around 55,000 but then again why would you trust the owner of the company. You really don't need to worry about it. I'd just concentrate on the black UN helicopters that have supposedly been flying through your backyard for the past 25 years.

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Apr-09-13 3:45 PM

Don't worry about the black helicopters, they fly over every week.

What you do need to look into though is your irrational fear of inanimate objects. Guns won't hurt you because they can't. Perhaps therapy could help or some education on what they can or cannot do on their own.

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Apr-09-13 4:01 PM

Uh Oh! Now we are going to need legislation for KNIFE CONTROL!!!!

At least 14 hurt in stabbing spree on Texas campus; suspect believed to be student

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Apr-10-13 1:46 PM

Is that supposed to be funny sicko??

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Apr-10-13 4:06 PM

Nope meant to point out that we need to get to the bottom of the mental health problem we have. Not take away the rights of law abiding citizens based on lunatics' actions!

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Apr-10-13 5:32 PM

You never said anything about mental health. It was a dumb, insensitive joke. People getting hurt or killed is not funny.

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Apr-10-13 5:34 PM

Amen brother! Any time some one goes nuts and starts attacking innocent people, it sickens us all. I believe the comment was made to show that if a psychotic moron wants to do something crazy, he is going to do it. If he can't get a gun, he'll get a knife. If he can't get a knife, he'll get a baseball bat. Tragedy is unavoidable. Even if you wrap yourself in bubble-wrap and sit in your house, tragedy can find you. Like the guy who fell into the sinkhole in his house. Can your laws trump God's will?

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Apr-11-13 8:16 AM

Gary you are so right it's not funny that the government thinks it can pass more laws that they can't or won't enforce that takes away law abiding citizens rights and does nothing to fix the problem.

What happens after the first massacre once the new laws are in place?

Or do you really think this will stop such situations? I'm curious.

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Apr-11-13 9:45 AM

"People getting hurt or killed is not funny." Neither is people getting robbed, but the IRS is STILL doing a booming business. FLAT TAX FOR ALL. IT'S THE ONLY FAIR WAY.

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Apr-11-13 11:55 AM

You want to pout about your taxes? Well, shrug Atlas and get lost. Comparing the IRS to violence is cold, cold-hearted and cynical. It must be awful to be as miserable a person as you are.

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Apr-11-13 12:01 PM

Stick to the topics and not the people in the forum. You called me sicko and Stonewall Miserable. Why do you have to get personal?

State your case without name calling or doing your own classify of people in the forum.

I'm sorry you feel my comment was in bad taste. You simply could've stated that without name calling.

Too much to ask I guess since this is my second request.

So will this new gun control bill stop the massacres? It's simple question.

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Apr-11-13 1:14 PM

"So will this new gun control bill stop the massacres?"

In a word.....No.

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