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A Wife’s Plea

Penny Wolboldt offers thanks, prays for husband’s return

March 30, 2013

Penny Wolboldt is looking for a miracle. The love of her life quietly disappeared more than a week ago. Penny has not seen her husband Dan since late Friday, March 22, near their North Warren home....

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Mar-30-13 11:58 AM

It just puzzles me that they want the public to stay out of the search. You would think they would welcome a search party from the public! Almost like there is more to this that they are trying to keep quite. At least that's how it hit me. I'm sure plenty of people would love to help, look what Erie did when that young boy came missing? But not in warren? Why?

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Mar-30-13 1:45 PM

Right now the dogs need to do their work with out adding a hundred different scents. also with out worry of someone else needing to be searched for. If you want to help go to the fire hall help with food and coffee for the searchers. And above all else, PRAY.

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Mar-30-13 5:43 PM

Why weren't the dogs brought in right away. Now a week has passed with fallen snow and all. Chances are the scent is long gone and very curious of why they don't want people to help search. I have never heard of such a plan when it comes to a missing persons case.

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Mar-30-13 9:01 PM

Remember this is warren, we don't do things as the norm. Heck they haven't found the sharp boy yet? Really?

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Mar-30-13 9:04 PM

I'm glad to see I'm not alone in thinking something isn't right! Dogs should have been brought in no later then the 2nd day. A week later is too late. I just hope he is found safe! I'm sure the police are doing the best they can, but you don't turn he away when a persons life is at stake.

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Mar-31-13 6:04 AM

Didn't you see the dogs on the boats yesterday? They're searching the river, not the woods. Probably why they didn't want search parties and dogs in the woods. Obviously there is more to the story. It's time to stop second guessing and find a way to support the family.

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Mar-31-13 9:44 AM

Please tell me they aren't that stupid! Searching the river with dogs in a boat! Dogs loose the sent once it hits water any fool knows that! What is wrong with these people?

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Mar-31-13 9:47 AM

If you know anything about law enforcement you would know that the Dogs being brought in with 100 people searching would cause nothing but confusion for the canine. The rescue efforts are being exacuted as they should. They hope to find him alive , but in the event that they don't, they want to preserve the evidence that remains by not having 100's of people going through the areas. Support the family during this time and stop 2nd guessing the way they are doing things. My postive thoughts and energy go out to this family during this time. I in Erie and the many many many searches for the 17 year old were done because he was over 2 months missing. And the evidence that would have been was gone by that point. Hold tight to those that are suffering right now with this ordeal. they are who need you the most.

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Mar-31-13 9:54 AM

Erie started mass searching right away! The whole community got involved as it should be!

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Mar-31-13 10:14 AM

The searchers don't need a bunch of inexperience people searching the river banks. The last thing they want to do is either a water rescue or another search for some one else. Respect that. What would be helpful is to support the family as well as the searchers and let them do what needs to be done with out interference.

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Mar-31-13 10:48 AM

I still say they are trying to hide something! The more eyes looking the better the chance of finding someone. That's common sense! But again this is warren where very few still have any common sense!

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Mar-31-13 11:38 AM

Well if I were to turn up missing please everyone that is willing to help look for me please do so regardless what those in charge say. I would want to be looked for by as many eyes that are willing to take their time to look!

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Mar-31-13 12:17 PM

Well Jimmy I would do the same thing for you or anyone else. Offer my help, if they don't need it I would leave my name and number if at a later time they would need the help. I would not keep pestering them. I would let them do their job. I would support the wishes of the family and searchers. Do I need to be in the loop for info? NO Should the public be kept updated every step of the way? NO

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Mar-31-13 12:41 PM

I would want every willing person looking plain and simple. The more looking the better the chance of being found. Erie gets this concept, why doesn't warren?

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Mar-31-13 1:22 PM

WTO. Good poll question. Depend on the police and fire alone Or a organized search party with many eyes looking along with fire and police.

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Mar-31-13 6:17 PM

Jimmy- cadaver dogs. A body at the bottom still emits an odor to the water surface which they use dogs to pinpoint the general area to focus divers on.

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Apr-01-13 1:21 PM

Let the authorities do their jobs!

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