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March 29, 2013

Dear editor: Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Health Care Act, is just one of the many Trojan Horses this President has pushed through....

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Apr-03-13 8:47 PM

Let's see... where to start. According to a 2011 poll as reported by the Washington Post 57% of Canadians said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their health plan compared to 25% of Americans. We spend almost double a percentage of our GDP on health care as the next closest Country. Mr. Nemcovsky's letter doesn't pass the smell test. The Kaiser foundation reports that last year the average health insurance plan was up 3%. My workplaces plan last year had a less than 1% increase. My suggestion would be he fire whomever is researching his health care plan alternatives and if he's doing it himself that he hire someone to do it. It is true that health care premiums have nearly tripled in the last 15 years according to Kaiser. For Mr. Nemcovsky to write a diatribe blaming President Obama for all the ills is suspiciously partisan. Obama's plan may not work but at least he's tried something. Something you can't say about the eight years of the Bush Adminstration.

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Apr-01-13 8:43 AM

If this is such wonderful coverage, why did the lawmakers that passed it exempt themselves and kept their own ultra high end coverage plan????

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Apr-01-13 8:41 AM

"Taxes are high yes But people can get the coverage they need."

Coverage doe not equal treatment.

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Apr-01-13 2:06 AM

Dear Archeo1. CBS posted a very revealing piece on Canadian health care in 2009: ***********cbsnews****/2100-204_162-681801.html Not all news contrary to Obamacare comes from Fox. That said, I agree that Canada gets almost everything else right. I do a significant amount of business in Canada and will tell you that its citizens are by and large unhappy with their health care. Ads placed by U.S. healthcare systems abound in Canadian print and broadcast media encouraging its citizens to seek care here. Those ads exist because there is a market for the product.

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Apr-01-13 12:16 AM

Its not working in Canada? Really? who told you that Fox news . Taxes are high yes But people can get the coverage they need.But the doctors make less than half of what they can make here.My inlaws are originally from The Montreal area and yes they are different{to say the least} but you cant believe what you hear unless you experience it . Not a huge Canada fan But we could take SOME lessons. Crime? Shootings? National parks {funded } Museums {funded} the arts {Funded}And education... we arent even in the game.How Many Trillions of dollars are missing from thier military budget? none! We are a political mess and have been for over 30 years.Next we can look at Australia.

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Mar-30-13 8:21 AM

Themattmobile - "We have dug ourselves a toxic hole with this insanity and Washington has no desire to fix it". CORRECTION: Washington has no desire OR IDEA how to fix it. Remember the immortal words of the former Speaker of the House: Pelosi: "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It." And we wonder why this health care law is so screwed up. Don't blame it all on our President, he also had many willing accomplices to help him shove this lie down America's throat.

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Mar-30-13 3:45 AM

Socialized health care in Canada is not working. The American hospitals all along the U.S./Canada border are full of Canadian patients that are expected to wait for months or years to be treated in Canada. How do we expect the outcome to be any better here? Obamacare is a shift of profit and influence from the insurance companies to our federal government. Add the additional 30 or 40 percent cost for federal administration of benefits and what the outcome will be is much higher premiums to the public and fatter purses for federal stuffed shirts. In addition, the number of healthcare professionals who plan to retire early in the face of federal over-regulation will leave countless communities with little or no services. Ask any nurse or doctor how long they intend to keep working once Obamacare is fully implimented. How will we provide universal health care when there are no providers? We have dug ourselves a toxic hole with this insanity and Washington has no desire to fix it.

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Mar-29-13 11:00 PM

The word was out right from the beginning on what this health care bill would do. Problem is nobody wanted to listen to the Republicans following Bush. This has allowed the Democrats to really push their agenda while people are hanging onto their every word. Despite the fact that their is heavy evidence that what the Dems claim and reality are two different stories. This is what happens when the media doesn't stay neutral in it's coverage and shows a heavy slant toward one party. The real news, when it comes to politics is no longer available. Only what they want you to know or to think.

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Mar-29-13 9:20 PM

The greatest do-nothing Commander-in-Chooch of all time. Two years of total control to start his presidency and all he does is ram through an illegal health plan. Instead of looking at ways to control cost (hello competition) he finds a way to make America pay the going rate. This guy is in way over his head.

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Mar-29-13 9:10 PM

Roundup, why can't I get the picture of Obama in Groucho Marx glasses out of my head? Thanks a lot.

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Mar-29-13 4:13 PM

Obama is doing just what he wants to do ruin this county.

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Mar-29-13 2:26 PM

Single payer through Medicare is the answer. The health insurance industry is the problem.

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Mar-29-13 11:07 AM

I though Obamacare didn't start till 2014. I thought Romneycare was working in Mass. I have not heard complaints from Canada on their health care. Must be the "liberal" media is at fault.

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Mar-29-13 11:02 AM

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Mar-29-13 8:36 AM

Folks, we have been paying for the un-insured for years. Why is it suddenly going up? Because companys are now being forced to provide the same care equally across the board. The true culprit is big government which has become a greedy corporation. People that depend on gov. hand-outs should not expect the same benifits as those that work and provide for themselves. Basic care yes. Full coverage-No.

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Mar-29-13 7:29 AM

Not even worth commenting on.

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Mar-29-13 6:26 AM

Wait, whose name appears on the letterhead of your healthcare bill? ... Not, the President of the United States! The finger should better be pointed at the true "wizards" who have skyrocketed costs of medical care the past 20 years and even made decisions best left to the doctors. And they continue to fleece the nation until the bulk of the Affordable Care Act takes place in 2014! The free market has failed in this vital aspect of basis human needs taking advantage of the ill and forcing the well to pay for the poor who cannot afford hospital insurance. What shall we do to care for these sick people in poverty or our young people unable to find a job/benefits coming out of college? How can one man wield so much power? Our American Chief Executive has been blamed for everything under the sun to blind the public to the true culprits-greedy corporations. On to single payer, Hurrah.

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