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Morning Pledge

February 21, 2013

Dear editor: This is in response to Dale Honhart’s letter about the “absence” of the pledge to the flag. There is no absence. I work at Warren Area High School, have for almost 15 years....

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Feb-25-13 12:47 AM

And for the record Stonewall, I've never had 1 of those ACCESS cards you speak of and I don't get a big fact refund check. Nor do I stand with my hands in pockets and my kids stand with their hands over their hearts while they recite the Pledge, and they could tell you exactly what our flag represents. And I know more "young people" that know this as well than don't. Now I'm going to stomp my feet, proclaim "I'm done here," and go pout in my room knowing that others will disagree with my opinions and I'm not always right! Haha.

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Feb-25-13 12:36 AM

Thank God you're done. Your endless rants about young people being ignorant only signify your unhappiness and negativity about everyone and everything. And I for one get tired of listening to it. Try finding the good in people once in awhile instead of always seeking the bad in them. Might make you less bitter. Then again.....

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Feb-23-13 9:45 PM

I could not agree more, Kelly14 (1:12 am post). Patriotism is not being handed down to future generations. Kids (and some adults) these days are blissfully ignorant of the sacrifices that have been made to make/keep our nation free. Today it seems that the red, white and blue mean nothing more than a re-loaded ACCESS (food stamp) card on the first of the month, and a tax refund for more than was paid in, if any. Reading the posts here, you can sure tell who the ones are who stand with hands in their pockets as the Anthem plays. Done here.

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Feb-23-13 1:12 AM

I don't think that just because a young kid doesn't place their hand over their heart while they recite the pledge necessarily means they are being PURPOSELY disrespectful. Take another poll and ask these kids what the meaning of placing their hands over their hearts means when they say the pledge. I bet most will not know....because they've never been told what it symbolizes.

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Feb-23-13 1:05 AM

Offering candy to "random" little kids if they write the Pledge on an index card.......there's something very wrong about that! Hahaha

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Feb-22-13 6:05 PM

Will post this in other posts regarding this, but this six word start to The Pledge of Allegiance was just to get it going so to speak. It's like in some churches and other places where verse and song are performed, a leader will begin and everyone else will join in. It was done that way in Sheffield when I was in school. We stood and said the Pledge, and that was that. It was never an abbreviated version. It was understood by the students what the start of the Pledge was meant to accomplish, and that was for all to join in and recite it.

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Feb-21-13 6:57 PM

less. Who cares about sacrificed lives to ensure a free country?

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Feb-21-13 6:55 PM

Mrs T, THANK YOU for setting the record straight. I am gratified that our schools still teach proper respect. I Do have a couple questions, though. What does the person who starts the pledge over the PA do after the first six words? Does he/she turn off the mike and finish the pledge, then turn the mike back on again? After reading last week's letter from Mr H, I conducted my own informal poll of school students, from different WCSD schools, ranging from 6th to 12th grade. They all confirmed your assertion that the full pledge is recited. My second question is, why could LESS THAN HALF of those students polled write the pledge to the flag on a 3x5 card, with the offer of a full-size candy bar as a reward for a completed pledge? LESS THAN HALF knew the pledge that they recite every school day. Hmmmmmm?? Also, please address the issue of respect for our national anthem. I, too, have observed a very small percentage of people place their hands over their hearts. Young people do so even l

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Feb-21-13 3:52 PM

Much ado about nothing. Just another ask later, throw the firebomb first letter writer.

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Feb-21-13 1:00 AM

Thank you Linda! I was irked when I read his letter. Our children have said the pledge EVERYDAY. It's simply started over the intercom for all the students to stand and start the pledge of alliance. I get tired of people jumping to conclusions when they don't have knowledge or correct information about something. Why do people always want to jump to conclusions and have something to complain about??!!

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