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February 21, 2013

Dear editor: This is in response to the letter from Dale Honhart under the title “Got Respect?” I was horrified to read that a local high school had abbreviated the Pledge of Allegiance to six words......

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Feb-21-13 1:09 AM

Barb you too are misinformed! The students ALL RECITE THE ENTIRE PLEDGE. It's started for them over the Intercom and every student stands, places their hand over their heart and recites every word of it. You are spouting off with no knowledge of what really occurs. You should be ashamed for condemning our children for something you were wrongly informed about. Mr Honhart was misinformed. He was not in a classroom when this happened. He was elsewhere waiting for the students to join parents etc to be honored for their good grades by making honor roll. Therefore, he didnt hear (or has bad hearing) all the kids in w set class recite the whole pledge like they do EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY for years and years now.

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Feb-21-13 1:21 AM

And I don't know what sporting event you are at that the kids participating don't remove their hats, place their hand over their heart or recite the pledge. I've never seen an athlete at a game not show the respect to our flag it deserves. There may be spectators who don't do any of this, but stop condemning all our kids. They don't all lack respect. I don't know a single coach that wouldn't make sure their players removed hats, placed their hand over their hearts etc. And if any coach would allow them to not show respect to our flag, they shouldn't be coaching. Part of coaching is also about instilling athletes with values. Please get your facts straight before publicly condemning our students, athletes, and school(s).

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Feb-21-13 7:46 AM

How do you feel now that the factual evidence has been presented in previous Letter To Editor? People like you are so typical, Knee jerk reaction and get others upset.

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Feb-21-13 9:03 AM

Kelly 14,Warren Wrestling home V.S. Cochranton? 1 wrestler wore head gear another headphones.Warren V.S. DuBois Football 1 coach wore a hat during anthem. Same coach{ Heavyest set one} Stood along side of locker rooms Clearly filling mouth with Tobacco. Laughed about it when questioned, Fine examples of a lack of discipline At WAHS.

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Feb-21-13 11:27 AM

Horrified? Really??

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Feb-21-13 3:17 PM

(In my best MTOMTO voice)

Pledges scare me

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Feb-21-13 4:23 PM

What about cheese sandwiches?

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Feb-21-13 4:24 PM

I pledge never to eat another cheese sandwich, they scare MTOMTO.

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Feb-21-13 5:19 PM

I like cheese sandwiches.

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Feb-21-13 6:05 PM

Knee jerk reaction sums it up well. I am so tired of community members criticizing everything WCSD teachers and aides do!! (Linda Thomas ROCKS, btw) Maybe next time ask your own son what the procedure is before assuming the original letter writer knew what he was spouting off about.

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Feb-22-13 6:05 PM

Will post this in other posts regarding this, but this six word start to The Pledge of Allegiance was just to get it going so to speak. It's like in some churches and other places where verse and song are performed, a leader will begin and everyone else will join in. It was done that way in Sheffield when I was in school. We stood and said the Pledge, and that was that. It was never an abbreviated version. It was understood by the students what the start of the Pledge was meant to accomplish, and that was for all to join in and recite it.

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Feb-23-13 3:08 PM

Even if some people don't say the entire pledge, or put their hand over their heart for the anthem how exactly does it affect your life in a negative way? Does it take food off your table? Did you lose money over this minor event in life? Please, by all means move this issue to the top of the to do list. Lets bump things like the homeless and starving children down the list. Those types of thing sure as heck have no business getting any attention while people wear hats during the anthem or one single child doesn't say the pledge!

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Feb-24-13 12:16 PM

It should be counted as imbecilic that citizens are obliged to pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth. While our hands and lips are busy symbolizing our patriotism and fealty, others use the cover of that same flag and fealty to try to dupe us into committing all kinds of crimes against "the other". Let's instead pledge allegiance to the principles of truth, respect and honor.

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Feb-25-13 11:29 AM

Based on 0 to 3 voting on my last comment: Unanimous consensus here to scrap honor, respect and truth in exchange for a wavering piece of colored cloth to pledge fealty to. Good job!

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