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School board lobbies Wash. on sequestration

January 21, 2013

While Congress may have punted until March 1 on some of the most severe aspects of the fiscal cliff, the Warren County School Board is still concerned whether its federal funding will be tossed over......

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Jan-23-13 9:16 AM

I just thought you might like to know how to "treat" a slug. It seems thet they are not very popular recently.

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Jan-22-13 8:36 PM

I KNEW I should have been looking over my son's shoulder when he was doing his high school biology homework. Now he's in Med school and I fear it's too late to play catch-up. Thanks for the lesson, MTO (superscript)2.

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Jan-22-13 10:51 AM

Slugs have a high percentage of their body-weight made up of water. Also, their skin is very permeable. When salt is placed on a slug, it increases the concentration of salt on the outside of the slug. This has the effect of decreasing the water concentration outside the slug. The process of osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high water concentration through a permeable membrane to an area of lower water concentration. The water inside the slug moves outside the slug, in order to reach an equilibrium. The slug is now much drier than it can tolerate. It literally dies of dehydration through osmosis.

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Jan-22-13 8:53 AM

State income taxes are only applicable IF YOU WORK. It has no impact on lazy, able-bodied slugs who have learned to sit back and live off of the tax-payer funded safety net. Slugs also are not impacted by sales tax, as they have had to do nothing to earn those gov't checks that role in, unimpeded by the economic slowdown. Let them earn their keep, THEN come and talk to me about how unfair regressive taxes are. An un-wed, single mom of 3 can "earn" up to $42k in welfare/social benefits in Pennsylvania, while others bust their butts to genuinely earn far less. Socialism does NOT work.

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Jan-21-13 12:53 PM

The consumption tax is regressive taxing at it's worst. Besides we already have multiple forms of regressive or consumption taxes - PA State Income Taxes, PA Sales tax, all the various fees etc. These types of taxes are no panacea.

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Jan-21-13 6:54 AM

Here's the bottom line: if you want public services, you MUST have sufficient taxes to pay for them. Taxes must go up. The problem is that the people who benefit from the services don't pay anything for them yet they yell the loudest when services are threatened. FLAT-RATE CONSUMPTION TAX for ALL! No loopholes, no deductions, no exemptions. It's the only fair way. Continued debt spending only digs the hole deeper.

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