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Tennis anyone? Golf?

August 6, 2016 I heard this story about a guy who played tennis all his life then suddenly and mysteriously, he switched to gol. more »»

America’s favorite dessert

July 23, 2016 There was no doubt about it my husband loved ice cream. After barn chores were done especially in the summer months he enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream. I do not think he had any favorite flavor. more »»

Summer in the Second City

July 23, 2016 It has been over forty years since I last visited Chicago and boy, has the Second City changed. The Chicago I remember from the 1960’s and 70’s was heavily industrial, a steak and ale town. more »»

Catching bass in the weeds

July 23, 2016 Fishing had been good during the last couple of hours before sunset. We caught several largemouth bass. Most were less than 13 inches-long, but a couple of 2-pound fish made things more interesting. more »»

Raising Promethea moths

July 23, 2016 When I was 8 years old and in second grade my aunt bought me a kit to raise Monarch butterflies. I was then, and still am obsessed with butterflie. more »»

The tickling equivalent of a banzai charge

July 23, 2016 “I’m going to bore a hole and I don’t know where,” I sing as I raise my hand, index finger pointed squarely at the writhing body of my four-year-old, and wind the finger clockwise in an even-tempere... more »»


July 23, 2016 Going fads While debating the pros and cons of backyard chickens at a recent meeting, one planning commission member brought up another upcoming urban livestock fad: goat. more »»

We’ll sing in the sunshine

July 23, 2016 That was a tune written and sung by Gale Garnett in 1964. Won her two Grammies…. The tune shows up on “oldies” radio from time to time. more »»

My bleeding heart song

July 16, 2016 I’ve had it. more »»

Like Judge Mrfmrfmrfmrfmrf runs her courtroom

July 16, 2016 Recently, during a bedtime...moment. Yep, we’ll say moment. more »»

Day tripping

July 16, 2016 Our area has a rich heritage and has many destinations worthy of a visit. I am sure that your area is the same. more »»


July 16, 2016 In memoriam One concern with any pet—indoor or outdoor—is how to deal with the eventuality of death. more »»

All Lives Matter

July 16, 2016 I believe that #BlackLivesMatter. I believe that #BlueLivesMatter. It’s been painful to watch what has happened in cities across the country over the last several day. more »»

Radio head

July 16, 2016 Tim and I love yard sales and garage sales. more »»

I simply cannot resist cherries

July 9, 2016 When the beginning of July rolls around I cannot help but think of cherries. My love of cherries goes back many years. When I was young we always bought our cherries. more »»

Going forth on the Fourth

July 9, 2016 It had been years since I’d been to the parade. more »»

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

July 9, 2016 Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I’m sorry, Nathan Rabin, and The Internet, but I have to bring her u. more »»

Cranking for scattered summer fish

July 7, 2016 Misconceptions about game fish being sluggish during summer are not caused by fish actually being sluggish, but rather by fish being scattered. Summer is the time of plenty in nature. more »»

Show some patriotism on Independence Day

July 2, 2016 I believe in patriotism. I fly the flag. I hope that some of you do as well. We are a nation that has strayed from our roots. more »»

I bless the rain (and get out of the way)

July 2, 2016 I read a mother’s lament on facebook. . “ Both boys have jobs now and that is new... And shocking to me. Adding to the busy-ness, but I suppose that is good for them. more »»



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