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Our Opinion: A mess to clean up

June 25, 2015 It turns out that more than $54 million worth of prosthetic arms and legs purchased one at a time by Department of Veterans Affairs employees — charged on purchasing cards at $24,999 apiece — may be... more »»

Our Opinion: Pound foolish

June 24, 2015 Penny-wise and pound-foolish is an apt description of too many government policies. They save a few dollars in the short run, but at the cost of much more in the longer term. more »»

Our Opinion: Evil kills people

June 23, 2015 There’s a Facebook slogan floating around, “If we make guns illegal, then nobody will get shot anymore. That’s how we stopped everybody from doing drug. more »»

Our Opinion: What are we waiting for?

June 22, 2015 Federal budget deficits in the half-trillion-dollar a year range apparently are being viewed as a success by President Barack Obama and other liberals. more »»

Our Opinion: For the record books

June 19, 2015 Even for the federal government, this one may be for the record books: In 1982, a Baton Rouge, La., firm, Solenex, obrtained an energy lease on national forest land in Montana. more »»

Our Opinion: Job well done

June 18, 2015 Well done. Well done. We won’t even get into the reasons or charges, although there are some. What we will get into is that we have children, many of us. more »»

Our opinion: The truth is different

June 17, 2015 Members of Congress fed up with Barack Obama’s imperial presidency finally have decided to use the one tool they have to compel his administration to at least cooperate with Congres. more »»

Our Opinion: Hitting EPA in the wallet

June 16, 2015 Conservatives in the House of Representatives finally are using their most powerful weapon — spending authority — in an attempt to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s assault on coal and... more »»

Our opinion: The price of car safety

June 11, 2015 National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Christopher Hart has provided new validation for Americans who think many in government have lost touch with reality. more »»

Our Opinion: It’s just a good bill

June 9, 2015 There are times when you read about legislation and know it’s for the right reasons. They seem like no brainers. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal for a minor to purchase cigarettes. more »»

Our opinion: Doing less with more

May 29, 2015 The Warren County School District rolled out its proposed final budget on Thursday. It was approved unanimously with no real discussion on this passage. more »»

Our opinion: A few good men

May 21, 2015 What transpired on Monday night in the council chambers of the city’s municipal building was reminiscent of a scene from “A Few Good Men”. Lt. Daniel Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise, questioned Col. more »»

Our opinion: It’s time to vote

May 19, 2015 The candidates have spoken. And spoken, and spoken and spoken. more »»

Our opinion: Put legislature on a diet

May 7, 2015 The headline might appear to some to be a sea change in attitude in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives about the efficiency of the nation’s largest full-time state legislature. more »»

Our opinion: Visual Staccato

May 6, 2015 At what point does political speech become littering? Perhaps when there are 37 signs for a single county commissioner candidate spread along less than a mile of straight-line highway. more »»

Our opinion: The Constitution wins

May 4, 2015 A cooler head has prevailed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. more »»

Jury selection

May 1, 2015 Dear editor: I was summoned to appear for Jury Selection this past week and along with the summons was a brochure that explained the requirements, process, and some rules for the Warren County Court... more »»

Our opinion: If it’s not broken...

April 30, 2015 Things are certainly different these days when the Warren County School Board meets. A different voice is heard — almost exclusively — from the top of the district administration. more »»

Our opinion: Losing the tubes

April 29, 2015 Some time ago we wrote in this space about the difficulty in ridding oneself of old tube-type televisions, that there must be millions out there in viewer land, millions more already in landfills,... more »»

Our opinion: IRS frustration

April 28, 2015 More than 8 million times during the past few months, the Internal Revenue Service’s telephone system hung up on taxpayers who wanted help. more »»



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