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1st Amendment

September 15, 2015 Dear Editor, Two issues on the same page of the 9/14/15 issue of the WTO caught my attention and prompted this letter. more »»

So-called comics

September 14, 2015 Dear Editor, I was very much offended by the drawn picture of the marriage license clerk (supposedly looking like Kim Davis). more »»

Light at intersection

September 12, 2015 Dear Editor, I’m really not sure where this is headed with wanting to put a camera at this intersection. I agree with another letter, the light changes way too fast for the road and speed limit. more »»

David Swanson

September 11, 2015 Dear Editor, I want to, but was unable to attend the tribute to the late David Swanson, which was held at the Warren County Courthouse on Friday, Sept. 4, 201. more »»

Follett Run-Market St.

September 11, 2015 Dear Editor, The Times Observer article on the Follett Run-Market Street intersection finally got me motivated. I have been stuck in no man’s land in that intersection more times than I can coun. more »»

ALL lives matter

September 10, 2015 Dear Editor, Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was shot 15 times in the back of the head while pumping gas. Outside of Chicago Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was shot dead in pursuit of three suspects. more »»


September 10, 2015 I usually agree somewhat with your editorials and some are very good. more »»

Being gouged

September 10, 2015 With crude at near yearly lows, and gasoline falling rapidly at stations outside the Warren area, Warren continues to go down at a snail’s pace. more »»

Start for poverty

September 10, 2015 “We tried to provide more for the poor and produced more poor instead. We tried to remove the barriers to escape poverty and inadvertently built a trap. more »»

Positives vs. negatives

September 4, 2015 Dear Editor, I have no problem giving credit where credit is due, I for one wish the media would report on more positives than negatives. more »»

Senator Toomey

September 4, 2015 Dear Editor, I was amazed, but hardly surprised, when I read the paper yesterday and I learned that Senator Toomey was in Warren for a “Town Hall Meeting” to meet with the people he represents to... more »»

Militaristic U.S.

September 3, 2015 Dear Editor: On the 8-26 “Toomey in Town” event, “Our Opinion” stated “more public input would have been welcomed and made these events better. more »»

Pete Morrison benefit

September 2, 2015 Dear Editor, Thank you for your understanding regarding the correction of (the incorrect phrase) “the motorcycle dice run” for Pete Morrison. more »»


September 2, 2015 Dear Editor: Future generations will ask, “Where did you stand?” Advancements in technology can be used for good or evi. more »»

Family problems

September 2, 2015 Dear Editor, Tuesday’s (Sept. 1) edition of the Times Observer had three headings on the first page: 1. School resource officer considered... 2. Warren man charged after discharging firearm.... 3. more »»

Safety first

September 2, 2015 Dear Editor, On safety lights for road flaggers: I am concerned for the safety of all road flag persons on the roads. At times, on bright, sunny days, it is difficult to see them in shady areas. more »»

‘Best explanation’

September 1, 2015 Dear Editor, Post Turtle — When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a Post Turtle — You know he didn’t get up there by himself,... more »»

Athletic trainers

September 1, 2015 Dear Editor, Once again the Warren County School District Board of Directors has decided not to provide athletic trainers for any student-athlete events during the 2015-2016 school year. more »»

Shame on Obama

August 29, 2015 Dear Editor, Every year the French have a 4-day celebration in Normandy, complete with American uniforms, tanks, jeeps, and guns. They still honor the Americans who died ther. more »»

Paint to yellow

August 29, 2015 Dear Editor, A petition to “Write it in the newspaper, OK?”, given, cycling by sopme young children who yelled, “Paint the stop signs yellow!” Three reasons for said letter: 1. more »»



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