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September 2, 2015 Dear Editor: Future generations will ask, “Where did you stand?” Advancements in technology can be used for good or evi. more »»

Family problems

September 2, 2015 Dear Editor, Tuesday’s (Sept. 1) edition of the Times Observer had three headings on the first page: 1. School resource officer considered... 2. Warren man charged after discharging firearm.... 3. more »»

Safety first

September 2, 2015 Dear Editor, On safety lights for road flaggers: I am concerned for the safety of all road flag persons on the roads. At times, on bright, sunny days, it is difficult to see them in shady areas. more »»

‘Best explanation’

September 1, 2015 Dear Editor, Post Turtle — When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a Post Turtle — You know he didn’t get up there by himself,... more »»

Athletic trainers

September 1, 2015 Dear Editor, Once again the Warren County School District Board of Directors has decided not to provide athletic trainers for any student-athlete events during the 2015-2016 school year. more »»

Shame on Obama

August 29, 2015 Dear Editor, Every year the French have a 4-day celebration in Normandy, complete with American uniforms, tanks, jeeps, and guns. They still honor the Americans who died ther. more »»

Paint to yellow

August 29, 2015 Dear Editor, A petition to “Write it in the newspaper, OK?”, given, cycling by sopme young children who yelled, “Paint the stop signs yellow!” Three reasons for said letter: 1. more »»

‘Your Thoughts Count’

August 29, 2015 Dear Editor, I suspect many readers, including me, wonder at times to what degree do the daily respondents to “Your Thoughts Count” reflect the attitudes of the County as a whol. more »»

Thank you

August 29, 2015 To the kind and honest person who found my wallet at Aldi’s on Wednesday, August 26th, thank you very much. more »»

Learning support

August 26, 2015 Dear Editor, Kathy Rapp’s support of special education students is wonderful. Thank you, Kathy. more »»

Elk Township roads

August 24, 2015 The Elk Township road crew, Mitch Dinger and John Ferrie, did an excellent job of preparing the roads for shoot and chip. It’s too bad all the roads could not be done. And I question that. more »»

TAWC buses

August 24, 2015 Dear Editor, We are very fortunate in Warren County to have the TAWC buses and their wonderful drivers. more »»

Bernie Sanders’ run

August 24, 2015 Dear Editor, There has been a severe lack of press on Bernie Sanders and his run for the democratic presidential nomination. more »»

‘Rapp Rips School Board’

August 24, 2015 Dear Editor, When people are put in a position by others, it’s because they are being trusted to say and do what’s best for those that put them there, and that includes those whose voice we don’t... more »»

Response to Rapp

August 24, 2015 Dear Editor, As an educator with many years of experience working with students with special needs, it is gratifying to finally see a public voice has officially recognized the “poor” choice of word... more »»

Point of no return

August 18, 2015 Dear Editor, As the fair has come to a close, I always considered the summer pretty much over. School will be back in session in a couple of weeks, fall is just around the corne. more »»


August 13, 2015 Dear Editor: The editorial column in Wednesday’s Times Observer is correct. I do owe an apology. more »»

Under oath

August 11, 2015 Dear Editor, Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General, charged with perjury and obstruction, is a long overdue achievement otherwise flown in the face of irresponsible authorities: politicians,... more »»

Gas prices

August 8, 2015 Dear Editor, Has anyone checked the gas prices on the computer for Erie lately? Kwik Fill on Peach Street $2.49, Warren $2.79. more »»

In support of

August 7, 2015 Dear Editor, I stand with Planned Parenthood. This organization since its founding has done more to reduce the need for abortion than any other organization, the so-called pro-life groups included. more »»



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