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August 29, 2014 Dear editor: We just got back from meet the teacher and see the classroom for the kids! What a mess! Myself, just like every other parent of small children is concerned about the quality of educatio... more »»

DUI problem

August 28, 2014 Dear editor: “Same Problem, Different County” read the headlines in Saturday’s Warren Times Observer (8-24-2014), however the source of the problem may not be the same as proclaimed by the Somerset... more »»


August 27, 2014 Dear editor: As chaos increases at an exponential rate in our own country, let alone the world, this letter is in response to the well-stated letter by Mr. Gillette, Jr. submitted on August 19. more »»

Crary sign

August 25, 2014 Dear editor: In 1946 Henry Hazlitt wrote a famous little book called Economics in one Lesson. more »»


August 21, 2014 Dear editor, The Crary Gallery sign might not be a zoning issue. more »»


August 21, 2014 Dear editor: A plea to all the contractors in this area, My daughter has contacted many of you asking if you could/would check her house to see what it would cost to repair, if it was even feasible. more »»

Food inspections

August 21, 2014 Dear editor: I look forward to the food inspections so I can determine where not to go for my next eat-out meal. more »»

City Council

August 20, 2014 Dear editor: As an outsider who has not lived in Warren County since the late 1960s, I have watched with bemusement at the Warren City Council’s arrogant and ignorant stance against a sign for the... more »»

Moral decline

August 19, 2014 Dear editor: As one tunes into the news each day it is astounding what is taking place around the world not to mention what is happening in our own countr. more »»

Foreign policy

August 19, 2014 Dear editor: The Varvel cartoon (8-14) quoting Obama “The 1980’s...want their foreign policy back.”, with Obama’s feet resting on a very irritated “cold war” bear, prompts the following recollectio. more »»

School transfers

August 18, 2014 Dear editor: I applaud the “our opinion” piece published in 8/14/14 edition of the WTO. more »»

Israel, Gaza

August 15, 2014 Dear editor: Regarding the Readers Forum article titled, ‘Israel, Gaza’ in the July 29th edition of the Times Observer, and also the Israel, Palestine of August . more »»


August 13, 2014 Dear editor: Re: the present miserable plight of middle and lower classes of U.S. Americans. When Mr. more »»


August 12, 2014 Dear editor: There appears to be a new identity to body tattoo: “Tramp Stamp. more »»

Move over

August 12, 2014 Dear editor: Regarding the “drivers warned about the move over law” I don’t see why they have to be warned, seems to me common sense should take over and you should, without being told, either move... more »»

Crary sign

August 11, 2014 Dear editor: I am writing in regards to the article in the Tuesday, August 5 Times Observer regarding the City Council’s rejection of the Crary sign. more »»

Corporate speech

August 8, 2014 Dear editor: “We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that...government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. more »»

Israel, Gaza

August 7, 2014 Dear editor, Regarding the Readers Forum article titled ‘Israel, Gaza’ in the July 29th edition of the Times Observer; the writer mentioned that he has been doing research on the ‘illegal Israeli... more »»


August 7, 2014 Dear editor: Like most people, I just look over my taxes and pay them - what other options are there? When the taxes came this year I looked them over more thoroughly as I recalled an article in the... more »»

Crary sign

August 7, 2014 Dear editor, Are you kidding me?! That was my first thought when I read today’s paper. more »»



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