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Are you kidding?

October 26, 2016 Dear Editor, Former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane leaves court in handcuffs after her sentencing. more »»

The Nation’s direction

October 24, 2016 Dear Editor, I am 68 years old and have voted Republican in every election since I became old enough. Some years the decision of who to vote for was easy because the candidates provided clear choices. more »»

The silent majority

October 24, 2016 Dear Editor, I was enraged the first thing this AM in reading the WTO’s front page article about a letter signed by 30 Republicans, one being Bill Clinger, former US Rep from Warren, PA. more »»

Make voices heard

October 24, 2016 Dear Editor, The editorial and letter that appeared in (Saturday’s) newspaper were right on target. Americans that are tired of the way government has been run need to make their voices heard. more »»

In response

October 24, 2016 Dear Editor, In response to your 10/22 “Catastrophic Election” editorial, several thoughts come to mind. more »»

My beliefs

October 22, 2016 Dear Editor, Alexander Hamilton once discussed the desire our founders had for a “...just, limited federal government.” There has been a revolution brewing for many years. more »»


October 20, 2016 Dear Editor: The the Social Security COLA adjustment for 2017 is a joke. more »»

Ballot question #4

October 19, 2016 Dear Editor, The city is asking voters to agree to withdraw the city’s obligation to provide full text legal notice in the newspaper of ordinances imposing a penalty for noncompliance. more »»

Invest wisely

October 14, 2016 Dear editor, Ive had several requests from the community to share my statement to the school board on Monday night. more »»

Bad faith

October 14, 2016 Dear Editor, I am an alumna of the Warren County School District and attended Home Street School, Beaty Junior High School, and graduated from Warren Area High School (1976). more »»

‘Our Opinion’

October 14, 2016 Dear Editor, I would like to commend you on your recent Our Opinion article regarding the teachers’ behavior during Monday’s board meeting. more »»

Sad year in politics

October 14, 2016 Dear Editor, This is a sad year for American politics! American standards have hit a low point when two dishonest candidates are our only choice for presiden. more »»

Praying for our teachers

October 14, 2016 Dear Editor, I am concerned for teachers striking for a new contract and better wages. Wake up to the age we are in now. more »»

Look or leap

October 14, 2016 Dear Editor: Never predict because if you are right they will never remember, if wrong, never forget. Donald Trump will win this election. more »»

School strike

October 14, 2016 If a school strike is good for anything, it does create interest. more »»

Time for a change

October 14, 2016 Dear Editor, As a parent and tax payer in the school district, I am very disappointed with the school board’s actions. more »»

Looking seriously bad here

October 13, 2016 Dear Editor, World War I happened because you had two sides so geared up for war that war was inevitable. It just so happens a spark in Balkans cost millions of lives. more »»

Be the community we need

October 13, 2016 Dear Editor, With all the chaos and confusion surrounding the teachers’ strike, last night I made the decision to attend the board meeting that was to be held at Eisenhower. more »»

The students

October 13, 2016 Dear Editor, As a senior of Warren Area High School, the past few days have been interesting while the teachers have been on strike. We are a county divided. Education is at a stand stil. more »»

Facts over anger

October 13, 2016 Dear Editor, Mr. Fanelli is indeed correct on his school tax “mils” values from year 2009 to 2016 (47 mils in 2009 and up to 53.5 mils in 2016). more »»



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