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The Super Trickle - Bowl edition Feb. 2

February 2, 2009 - Brian Ferry

Super Game

I had to work through the Super Bowl, but I was not far from a television. I was impressed. The parts I saw were worth seeing. A 100-yard return by the Defensive Player of the Year at the halftime buzzer? Fantastic. An overturned QB-sneak for a TD downgraded to a field goal on the game's first drive? Big-time. No less than three times during the game was I convinced it was over. The first was the Steelers' pass with about 3 minutes left that would have given them a first down at the 40. That was short-lived. When the Steelers were first backed up to the end zone I figured a safety wasn't an altogether bad idea (but, compared to a first down at the 40, it was). Then the Cardinals scored. I forget how much time was left, but I was, again, convinced the game was over. The Steelers are not a team known for its quick-strike ability. When they did score, I knew it was over, again. Then the Cardinals tried to convince me to change my mind again. How could I count out those receivers from bringing down a game-winner? I'm not one to designate a "best game ever" but this was a very interesting and exciting football game. The photo on the front page of Hines Ward crying tears of joy could easily have worked as well with tears of sorrow had the game ended up the other way.

Quarterback consideration

I read on an obscure blog recently, that Kurt Warner is not in the top 30 quarterbacks of all time. For the sake of argument, I will argue. Kurt Warner has been to three Super Bowls and won one. He led teams to Super Bowls more than 10 years apart. Did he have playmakers around him? Sure. How many Super Bowl quarterbacks didn't have some supporting cast? Would I rather have Warner than Montana, Elway, Brady, Namath, Unitas, or P. Manning? Nope. Would I rather have Warner than most of the quarterbacks in the league this year? Yep. Can I name, with three minutes' thought, 30 quarterbacks in the history of the league that I would rather have on a career basis? I don't think so. Warner's lifetime passer rating and completion percentage put him in exceedingly exclusive company. He has been league MVP twice and Super Bowl MVP. He has three of the four highest totals for passing yards in Super Bowls. What sets Warner apart for me this year is his team's lack of a serious run-game. (Back in the Marshall Faulk days, Warner had it easy. I could have been an NFL quarterback with that guy around.) I have liked James since he got out of college. Hightower could be a star someday. Neither was a dominant back this year. That put a big target on Warner. He had serious weapons at no less than three receiver positions. Finding the open man enough to get 1,000 yards to each of three guys is pretty amazing. Ask Dan Fouts. I was a Charger fan in the Air-Coryell era. Will Warner get me to cheering for the Cards? I doubt it. Especially if he retires. I'd rather watch Peyton or Drew Brees anyway. Is Warner one of the top 30 NFL quarterbacks of all time? Absolutely.


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