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The Trickle - Jan. 30

January 30, 2009 - Brian Ferry

My kingdom for a mute button

I was on the horn with the governor a few days ago (OK, so I didn't actually get to speak, it was a media conference call and he did almost all the talking). When callers logged into the conference, they were asked to put their phones on mute, if that was an option, to keep the background noise to a minimum. My phone doesn't have that option. So, I sat here typing with my neck cocked to the side holding the receiver. Sometimes, I could cover the mouthpiece with my hand, but the governor doesn't call too many conferences with nothing to say, so I had to type pretty much all the time. To make matters worse, I sit next to the scanner (the one that monitors radio calls, not the one that takes pictures of documents). It's kept loud enough that even if the people who sit closest aren't around, someone in the newsroom can hear the thing. I turned it down a little, but the possibility of something important happening kept me from shutting it down completely. I hope Gov. Rendell isn't blogging a complaint about that one noisy reporter in the conference call.

Objects may be closer than they appear...

I was not "smarter than a third grade art student" in the courthouse question of the day on Wednesday. The question, for those who didn't read the last Trickle, was: "True or False? Objects in the foreground of a painting are closer to you than those in the background." I know what foreground and background mean. Still, I said, False. The objects in the painting are all in the same plane. Depending on where I'm standing relative to that plane, I could be closest to the most-background object. Objects may be pictured to look like they're closer or farther, but that doesn't mean that they actually are. The question doesn't ask if the objects "appear to be" nearer or farther. The "correct" answer was True. From what I heard, my vote evened out the courthouse voting at 6-6. At least I wasn't the only one to get it "wrong." (I got the next three (two on Friday) right, thank you very much.)

Super Bowl

I've been asked who I like in this weekend's Super Bowl. I will be rooting for the Steelers and I think they will win. However, I have expected the Cardinals to lose every playoff game they've been in this season (which is about the same as every playoff game they've every been in), so I won't count them out. The Cardinals offense can run up some big numbers. Warner has been on the big stage before and come out on top and Fitzgerald is tearing up defenses. In nice weather, Tampa should give them that, the Cardinals have a shot. By the way, I'll be working through the whole game.


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