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The Trickle - Nov. 18

November 18, 2008 - Brian Ferry


I gave blood today. I like it. Doing something good for others. Doesn't cost much. Doesn't take long. Get to eat snacks afterwards. I remember the first time I gave. Someone asked me if I wanted to. I said I never had. They asked why. I said I'd never thought about it. So, I went. It didn't hurt much and the benefits outweighed the inconvenience. Of course I then didn't give again for six years. When I started again, I regretted missing all those opportunities. Now, when I miss a single chance to donate I get annoyed. And not just because it means I might not make it to that coveted five-donation-year T-shirt. If you don't have a good reason not to give, get on over to the Holy Redeemer on the third Tuesday of any given month and give it a try.

Dry T-shirt

I was surprised to learn that one of the shirts I regularly wear to work is see-through. I almost invariably wear an undershirt, so it's not a decency issue. However, a while back I was chatting with “another chap from the circulation department” and he said “Kenneth Ate Chili.” He's pretty odd, so I thought nothing of it, until I noticed he was staring at my chest. I then realized I had an undershirt reading, “Kent State Champs” on. The 'Champs' was below the Kent State. He couldn't see through the stripe of shirt containing the buttons, so he didn't get the end of the first word, the beginning of the second, nor the end of the third. Since then I've been wearing plainer undershirts with that shirt.

Leaning iron building

I took some pics of the Flat Iron Building this week. It looks like I have what I refer to as the Bob McCray syndrome. The building looks like a less problematic version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The syndrome is photographer leaning or camera tilted during photography. If you see such a picture and wonder if I was in the midst of falling over at the moment of shooting, keep in mind that the roof on the portion of the building behind the clock tower, does not create an isosceles triangle with the shorter portion of the building.


Sometimes I don't want people to agree with me. It's not that I'm argumentative. Especially at work. But, a few days ago when I had just heard from county commissioners that the county is facing a budget crunch and decisions will have to be made about the possibilities of raising taxes, cutting programs, or cutting jobs, I would have appreciated some conflict. I said, “Sounds pretty grim.” Unfortunately, both commissioners at the meeting agreed with me.

Another week at the top

Well, it seems I can't escape the curse of the Sooth. Perhaps it truly is a curse. Papa seems to be taking this whole thing pretty seriously. I'm alone at the top this week. The pressure is getting to me. I'm due for a big fall. Maybe I'll go 3-7 this week and be able to relax next week.


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