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The Trickle - including snakes

October 28, 2008 - Brian Ferry

Bringing a bow to a fistfight

Mixed metaphors can make for humorous statements. During a recent visit to Warren County, a Congressional candidate said his campaign was not going down without a fight. "I'm just out punching," he said, "and I have a quiver full of arrows."

Just ducky

There is a whole flock of ducks waiting at the end of the drive thru lane at Wendy's. Just thought I'd mention it.

A den of snake wranglers

During a presentation at the Warren County School District's Learning Enrichment Center, a snake and reptile enthusiast (why can't these people tell the press what state organization they work for?) explained proper rattlesnake handling technique to a group of high school students. "That is proper handling," he said. Why he told them is under investigation, because he apparently didn't want them to know. "I'm not encouraging you guys to go out and do that," he said.

Funny emergencies

The snake enthusiast (let's assume he's from the Department of Labor and Industry) has seen the results of snakebites. He explained to the students that most emergency room personnel assume a snakebite victim is going to die. Their efforts, he explained, are frenetic, giving the whole scene a Keystone Kops feel. "It's a comedy," he said. If they don't have enough vials of Crofab it might be a tragedy.

Practicing not what you preach

The Department of Labor and Industry official (let's call him 'inspector') told the students, "I am an advocate of not having snakes in captivity." This after he told them how big a tank for snakes he has in his home, and after showing them half a dozen different snakes, all named. Since he's an educator (the Department of Labor and Industry has lots of people that go around talking about snakes), we'll cut him some slack. We suspect it's hard to show students snakes if you have to round them up on your way there. Another tidbit of advice the inspector had? "Don't handle venemous species at all." Like, for instance, this rattlesnake (feel how bumpy it's back is compared to its belly?) and this copperhead.

Do not panic

"Remain calm." That was the inspector's advice for students should there ever be bitten by a poisonous snake. Remaining calm is a good idea, there are plenty of things to do after a snakebite. With one's wits intact, one might make it out of the woods to a car and get a ride (hopefully the bitten will not have to drive) to a hospital that has at least a couple vials of Crofab antivenin (not anti-venom, but they mean the same) within two hours. Calling the hospital to let them know is a good idea. Crofab is, apparently, like expensive cigars - the stuff must be rolled by hand for 20 minutes. Back to the part about remaining calm. Forget all that. "In reality, how calm can you remain if you were just bitten by a rattlesnake?"


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