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The Trickle - midweek

October 15, 2008 - Brian Ferry
Press 8 for... nothing helpful

The U.S. Forest Service has a fall foliage hotline for the entire nation. A great idea. Looking for information, a reporter called it and listened to the options. The Northern Region sounded good, he punched #1. The Northern Region includes Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. Not what he was looking for. He tried 8 - the Eastern Region and last menu option. The Southern Region (supposedly option #7) picked up. Tried #9, maybe East was pushed back one. No information. Tried #7 in case East and South got switched. Got the Alaska Region. Hmmm. The reporter decided to use the information he had. So... The foliage in Alaska is SPECTACULAR, but a strong wind could bring it all down, so get on out there and check it out soon.

Foliage a la polucion

A photographer was walking along Market Street the other day admiring the colors of the tree-lined roadway. One tree in front of Faith Fellowship Church of God (the old Baptist Church) caught his eye. It was red on one side, green on the other, with a layer of orange-yellow in between. Personnel from the DCNR said that’s due to pollution. Emissions from traffic cause changes on the street side of the tree to happen first. That’s the prettiest pollution damage I recall ever seeing.

Issues with Eggs

During a recent Eggs and Issues, students participating through the school-to-work program were concentrating on breakfast before the Congressman started his presentation. “There is no organization to my eating right now,” one student said. The problem? “I’m taking a bite of strawberry, a bite of bacon...” He later clarified the order of devouring... “bread, strawberry, potatoes, bacon, biscuit, danish... I might’ve gone back and forth once or twice.” One of his Youngsville High School colleagues said, “I think he should have switched the potatoes and the bacon.” Actually, we at the Trickle would have gone with... strawberry, bread, potatoes, biscuit, bacon, danish, and wash it down with orange, not cranberry, juice. The student did go back for seconds, which we approved of. He came back with danish, bacon and bread.

Congressional aerial combat

After breakfast, when the Congressman got his chance to speak, he made several good points. Our favorite was a commentary on the bickering between the parties calling it “partisan food fights.” How fitting.

If everybody likes it...

The Congressman later responded to a question about No Child Left Behind. “I voted for NCLB at the time. I think NCLB has not worked very well.“ He mentioned comparing apples to apples, recognizing the limits of testing, and not teaching to the test much to the joy of the educators in the audience. He explained that he should have been suspicious at the time of the vote. The measure was very popular - bringing in the leftest of the leftists and the rightest of the rightists. That’s not normal, too much compromise. “I don’t think we can compromise down to nothing.”

Slip of the tongue

A federal legislator was talking privatization of social security when he misspoke. He said the government had taken an “intrusive... err, aggressive” role in financing social security. Maybe he was fighting back against some of his opponent’s political ads. He had already clarified for the group, “I never voted for privatized social security.”


A reporter placed a call recently to a Warren County School District employee. The conversation was a polite one and the official asked if the reporter could call back in three hours. No problem. The call ended at 2 p.m. Last I checked, most district personnel are done by 4 or 4:30. I guess this one knew he had some overtime to put in for the night. Well, that’s one of my guesses, anyway.


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