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Trickle - Emergency edition

October 9, 2008 - Brian Ferry
Board stiff

Some might think school board meetings are dull. But, it’s all about the rigor (not mortis) at Warren County School District. During a recent meeting, a reporter counted the number of times ‘rigor’ came up. It was a long meeting and we stopped counting at 25. “I understand... but...” (12 of those). Thanks Chuck and Lydia

Bad-smelling banks

No, not financial institutions, though some of the really big ones are leaving people with a bad taste (can you say $23,000 in federally funded spa treatments?). This is a reference to the meaning of the word Conewango. I’ll tell you what, that makes me want to move a little closer.

Preaching to the Choir

I don’t actually know the hygiene habits of any of the folks on the Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee, but the moderator of that group may have been dropping some hints. She asked committee members to blurt out the answer to two questions. The first correct response (didn’t take long, these people know their stuff) to the first got a hand sanitizer to go. The correct respondent for the second got a package of facial tissue. She know something I don't?

PoDs and Yo-Yos

That pandemic group is a fun bunch. You can tell because they use lots of acronyms. They talk about PoDs - points of distribution - FEMA and PEMA (the federal and Pennsylvania versions of emergency management agencies - and Yo-Yo. Because of the not so serious sound of the Yo-Yo acronym and the “tough love” message it represents, the committee is going with Stay at Home (despite the lack of a cool acronym), instead of You’re on your own.

Master prognosticators

The pandemic committee is lucky to have such a knowledgeable moderator. If for no other reason, she has a pandemic influenza timetable. “This is going to happen in the middle of July.” No, she doesn’t really expect a pandemic breakout in 07/09. Instead, she was talking about the least convenient time for the response plan. Closed schools and people on vacations mean more trouble finding the key players in a hurry.

All hazards phone number

If the county were looking into having a phone number for use in special hazard (not quite 911) situations (if they aren’t now, I have reason to believe they will be considering it soon), what would be a good unforgettable number? 489-0123? 723-YOYO? 563-4563? 968-HEADFORTHEHILLS? 757-7777? 927-6464 (WAR-NING)? 867-6236 (TOR-NADO)? 867-5309? (Sorry if I actually hit anyone’s home number. Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone reads this anyway. On a side note, I believe the most frequently dialed Penn State University phone number is, indeed, 867-5309. I don’t remember what you get when you call there. It’s been a while. If I were in charge, I'd have something ominous. Maybe that beep that tells you the other party is recording, a long pause and a deep voice saying, 'Stay where you are.')


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