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December 5, 2012 - Brian Collins
I recently came across a video on CNN called "Parents use social media to punish kids," by Dr. Drew. In this video, two parents are put in the spotlight for using Facebook and Instagram for disciplinary measures.

One mother posted a picture of her daughter holding a sign that says she cannot use Facebook or Instagram because she isn't mature enough... Another mother posted a picture of her daughter with her mouthed "X'd" out because she mouthed off in public. The daughter was then forced to reply to reprimands from several other parents that were friends of the mother...

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While some parents may agree with this move, I was very pleased to watch as several experts fully disagreed with the childish actions by the parents. Not only does this make their disciplinary measures a public display of their willingness to embarrass their children, but it also shows that social media isn't quite being understood by the older generations.


As I've chronicled in previous posts, I believe that social media can be a valuable tool for those who wish to gain knowledge, information, or find special deals that aren't available elsewhere...I never mentioned that it should be a platform in which to suppress the childish actions that youth have displayed for centuries by issuing just as childish of a punishment.

I firmly believe that the older generations just need to get off social networking... I myself am in the process of eliminating all of my accounts except for Twitter and Instagram (I just can't live without them)

I've watched as adults around the world have made horrendous mistakes that have resulted in lost jobs, lawsuits, etc... Things that a teenager doesn't quite have to deal with yet.

When the impulse-driven world of social media meets the world of responsibility, bad things can happen - just ask Lindsey Stone, the 30 year-old who should have never posted a picture of herself at the Tomb of the Unknowns on Facebook or Dan Leone, the 32 year-old who got fired by the Philadelphia Eagles for uttering twelve words on his Facebook when one of his favorite players got released...

Parents: Try LinkedIn, where professionals can post their resumes, their job status, and their thoughts on business.


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A woman uses Facebook to embarrass her child who mouthed off in public


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