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'Unlikely Questions for the First Presidential Debate'

October 3, 2012 - Ben Klein has some questions that almost definitely will not be asked during the debate tonight.

"Governor Romney, your party adamantly denies that global climate change is occurring, or insists that, if it is occurring, it isn't man-made, and that there is nothing we could or should do about it. Much of your party also refuses to believe in evolution. Given the number of scientific disciplines related to these subjects, most of your supporters must per se believe that the vast majority of the world's scientists—biologists, paleontologists, climatologists, geologists, etc.—are engaged in massive, decades-long hoaxes designed to fool the rest of the population. Do you agree that they are indeed perpetrating these massive frauds?"

"President Obama, you, like most other presidents and presidential candidates, have actively encouraged all young people to earn a college degree. Yet the percentage of the population with college degrees has increased from about 5 percent to a little over 25 percent since the end of World War II. This is a tremendous increase, yet it was achieved only with massive government financial support—support that has declined in real dollar terms in recent years. Given that 25 percent is still well short of 100 percent, is it realistic to expect that all young Americans will earn college degrees anytime in the foreseeable future? Given the amount of indebtedness that earning such degrees entails, is it wise for them to even try? And don't these facts speak to the overwhelming need to restore America's manufacturing base?"

The full list is here.


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