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The Trickle - tire troubles

December 2, 2011 - Brian Ferry
I don't think about my tires very often. Usually, when I do, it's not good. For the most part, they're there. They support my car. They spin around. I have to put air in them once in a while. My mechanic puts on the winter ones as winter approaches and the summer ones in May or June (maybe July or August). When he tells me to throw out one set of tires, I do that (I suppose technically he does it) and I buy some new ones. One day, I thought about them rather strongly and negatively. I was enjoying a drive to Bradford. When I got close, somewhere from the car/road contact points a strange noise emanated. It wasn't good. Kinda high-pitched and whiny (no, this was not me complaining that I hadn't eaten recently enough). The sound kept up as I started driving back from UPB (there was a volleyball match, if you even need to ask). I was annoyed. Listening to the sound, wondering if my car was about to explode, I pondered the financial implications. Then, as I turned off of 770 onto 59, the noise went away. Problem gone. I wonder what they put in the pavement on that road. So, I had this week of vacation not so long ago. As I prepared to return to work, I got in my car. I consider that an important step in the going to work process. I never know where I'll have to go, so I can't ride my bike or walk. So, I hop in, fire up the engine, it's a beautiful day (well, it's raining, but I was just on vacation for a week). Seat belt, in gear, apply pressure to accelerator, off I go. The car feels sluggish. That's OK, I feel sluggish too. Maybe I should get out and look. Nah. I just haven't driven in a few days. Maybe I forgot. So I go a couple hundred yards, and get going a little faster. Yep. Something's wrong. I stop and look. Flat rear tire. Maybe driving back home wasn't my best decision, but I did it. The tire iron in my other car works so much better. After I got home I pulled the tire and looked it over. Nothing obvious. I put some air in it. Not hearing nor seeing signs of leakage, I load it up. The compressor is better suit to inflating basketballs, so it takes forever, but eventually the gauge shows 35 psi. I pop it back on and toss the jack and iron back in the other car. It's only been about 30 minutes, but something about my day has changed. I hop in and fire up the engine. It's a crappy day.


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