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The Trickle - Volleyblog

November 1, 2011 - Brian Ferry
Welcome back to the Volleyblog. The adult volleyball season is starting up and the high school and college seasons (around here) are winding down. In this edition - Pitt-Bradford. I only got to one match this season. As ever, it was tough to root for a Panthers team. I always have that problem when I go there. At least this time they weren't playing a Penn State team. We sat near the family of starting setter Laura Long. She did a fine job. Usually I'm pretty tough on setters. Laura did a lot of things right despite the years she spent at UPB as a hitter. I think your mind melts when you hit. I'm not sure I can twist a Knute Rockney quote about the qualifications for people interested in playing certain positions and use it for volleyball. Football is ... different. Don't get me wrong, I like hitting. The hitter often has the satisfaction of knowing he/she ended the point successfully. The setter only gets to think he/she made a good decision. Sometimes, the setter can make a good decision and things can go horribly wrong. One of those things is you turn around to see that perfect set going to your weakside hitter when you know there are no blockers up shouting NOBODY and that oversized left-hander drives the ball straight into the bottom of the net. Yes, the setter did everything right. No, the point didn't go our way. So, there I was, rooting for Laura (I couldn't bring myself to say things like "Go Pitt!" It's even hard to type). One of her family members asked me a question about the program. The last column in the stats carried the label 'BHE'. I'd never run into this stat before. I had to analyze. E - probably an error of some kind. B? Hmmm. Blocking? Nope. There was a blocking category. I noticed that Laura had, far and away, the most BHEs on the team. Aha. So, it's something the setter is more likely to get. Should be easy. I'm a setter. Think. The best I could come up with was bad hands. That's pathetic, but it starts with BH and makes sense. I handed the program back apologetically and said, I don't know... probably some kind of ball-handling error.


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