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The Trickle - ending the drought

September 13, 2010 - Brian Ferry

Been a long time

So, there I was, minding my own business (and the business of several other people I was interviewing for stories) and Asymmetric complains at me. "It's been 4,978 days since you blogged!" Yep. It had been a while. I was ashamed. My loyal, devoted readers have had nothing on which to sharpen their brains for months. Alas. I hope they (you) survived. Naturally, as soon as he reminded of the critical work I had so long neglected, I opened up a clean slate (sounds better than window) and began typing a long and breathtaking blog. Actually I went more along the lines of... "Yeah, but I don't have anything to say. What should I write about?" Nothing. I had nothing. This was at least three weeks ago. It took me this long to even find something remotely worth writing about. (I didn't really expect to be able to write an entire blog about how pathetic my blogging has been for most of the year.) So, for all you Trickle fans... here it is!

(Those who strongly oppose sports can now stop. Those who find fantasy football one of the great evils of the world should now stop.)

I have rejoined the WTO LBL (Warren Times Observer Laid Back League). I took a year off. The group didn't exactly wither and die in my absence. There are now 14 teams in the thing. I had the 11th pick. I didn't do a lot of planning in terms of my draft strategy because I was going to take another year off. Two days before the draft, our illustrious commissioner convinced me that I should be on call in case one of the guys they had invited backed out. Shortly after I agreed to that, he said, you might as well just play. Yeah. So I'm in. After I got home late Friday night, I did a quick look for recommended players at each position. Our league is weighted somewhat in favor of quarterbacks (6 points for a passing touchdown compared to 4 in most leagues) so I decided taking that position late in the first round would be reasonable strategy. Others must have decided that taking a QB in the middle of the first round was a good idea. Two, Brees and Rogers, were off the board when I picked at 11. All of what I considered the very best running backs were off the board. I went with Peyton Manning. After six more picks the top two receivers and more second round pick running backs were gone. I decided to double dip. I picked up Reggie Wayne, Manning's favorite target. I don't think Wayne would have lasted 20 more picks and I figure Manning+Wayne is excellent value. The problem was, I didn't have a running back in the first 35 picks. With my next two picks I got Ronnie Brown and Knowshon Moreno. I was pretty happy with that, even though both have some competition for carries. I think I had a brain problem with my fifth pick. I landed Santana Moss. I felt pretty good about my next four - Brent Celek, Terrell Owens, Jerome Harrison, and Donald Brown (Joseph "oft-injured" Addai's backup). Somewhere along the way I got Derrick Mason, Sebastian Janikowski (that team won't be scoring many touchdowns, I have a feeling, and Janikowski has a big leg - long field goals are worth more points) and the Titans defense. I wrapped up with Sam Bradford (could have waited until much closer to Manning's Week 10 bye to worry about a backup, but I didn't really have a good idea for the pick). So far, my work seems to be pretty good. After Sunday's games, I have the second most points in the league and am far ahead of my Week 1 opponent. He has participants in Monday's games. I don't. The Fantasy Oracle himself picked me to finish second in my division. That sounds good, but I have a habit of not being quick enough on the waiver wire to keep my team current toward the end of the season. I predict I will not make the playoffs. That could just be me wanting to go against the FO, though.


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