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The Trickle - Orange word substitution

July 19, 2010 - Brian Ferry

Odd title, yes

I didn't have enough of either orange stuff or spell check madness to get a decent blog, so I decided to combine. Quit complaining, it'll save you time. Instead of reading two short, useless blogs and navigating a little in between, you get to read one slightly longer useless blog. You save one step. Congratulations! A while back I saw an orange button-down work shirt in my closet. I decided I might as well wear the thing. I probably wear it once every three months. It's not my favorite, but it fits. So, I randomly wore it to work. It wasn't like it was The International Day of Orange Work Clothes or something. Just a day when I saw that shirt and decided to wear it. When I got to work, two of my co-workers who were already at the scene and another who arrived several hours later and, to my knowledge, had no contact with anyone in the newsroom prior to coming in all wore orange. It was really strange. Looking around today I see one person wearing some orange and Hillary denies she is wearing "an orange shirt." Normally, not a lot of orange here.     The triumphant return of all of my readers' favorite bizarre spell-check suggestions blog is here! Spell Check Madness - July 19, 2010. I don't often have reason to type the word 'shoeprint' in my stories. However, a story on a summer Crime Scene Investigation program at the Learning Enrichment Center gave me reason. Part of the program was making casts of shoeprints and comparing the cast with the original shoes. Pretty cool. In fact, I think the whole program was pretty cool. My spell-checker, however, did not think 'shoeprint' was very cool at all. In fact, it didn't know the word and thought maybe I should change it to... (drum roll)... sphincter.


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