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The Best Burger In Warren County

June 4, 2008 - Eric Paddock
Food is a very personal thing.

I don’t like brussels sprouts. No one has ever presented me with a recipe that makes them taste like anything other than spoiled cabbage.

I despise creamed corn. You take a perfectly tasty vegetable, glop it up and pre-masticate it until it looks like “used” corn and then try to convince yourself that you have done justice to it.

Some of you probably like brussels sprouts. That’s great. Someone has to eat them.

George Bush (George The First) doesn’t like broccoli. Never has; never will. I won’t hold that against him.

So, I will turn my subjectivity toward the subject of the hamburger.

There are probably more hamburgers consumed in this country than any other single food item. I know of no one living in the Western Hemisphere who has never eaten one.

Bestowing honors on the best hamburger is about as subjective as you can get, so at the risk of offending burger gourmands with their own set of standards and taste bud idiosyncrasies, I will narrow down the running to the best burger in Warren County.

First, throw out all of the chain burgers. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King...even Bob Evans and Applebees, though Applebees might be the best of the worst.

For my hard-earned money, the best burgers come from places that do them one at a time. And by that I mean, cook them one at a time, not just assemble them.

There are a few places around these parts that take pride in the creation of their burgers. The Plaza’s are pretty good. Wendy’s Cafe in Russell (not to be confused with the national chain) creates reputable burgers. The Kountry Kitchen, across the street from my office does ground beef between bread pretty well.

But they all pale in comparison to the the burgers offered up at The Bucket in Sugar Grove.

So, what’s so special about Bucket burgers? It’s hard to present any empirical data, except to say that every one I have had has been perfectly cooked, juicy and free of any gimmicks. They are mated with excellent rolls, not mushy and yet not suspected of being stale.

They are the closest I’ve found in these parts which meet or exceed the standards I set for the ones I cook on my own grill.

My advice for Bucket burgers: If you are at all up to the challenge, order a large one. Keep it simple with condiments so as not to overpower the meat. Simply topped with sliced onion or lettuce, tomato and mayo, they take me to where I want to be — burger euphoria.

Coupled with a few fries and a cold Yuengling, it’s my idea of a great Saturday lunch.

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