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The Trickle - Football

December 14, 2009 - Brian Ferry


I know some of my readers don't bother with the football posts, so I try to be upfront about the subject matter. (We looked up 'upfront' today. I figured I should get it in the blog.)  The ridiculous system known as the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) has improved the NCAA football final rankings. It's several steps from a playoff, something that ALL other sports see as a good idea, but it's better than what we had before. I'm not going to go off on the absence of a playoff system. It strikes me that I've done that in a previous blog. Instead, I'm going to complain about the bowl selection system. I was really hoping for a Texas loss to throw the whole system into chaos. Who would have accompanied Alabama to the title game in that case? Florida? TCU? Someone else? Do we need a rematch of a conference championship in the title game? If Florida beat Alabama, would the undefeated winner of the Fiesta Bowl be named national champion? If Cincinnati soundly routed their opponent (Texas?) would they merit the national championship? That didn't happen. So, undefeated Texas plays undefeated Alabama. Both major conference teams. Good. Winner=national champion. Fine. The major problem I have is not that Penn State was left out, they earned it. The problem is the Fiesta Bowl. TCU vs. Boise State. This is a big bowl. The teams are undefeated. They earned a big bowl. Their schedules aren't that great, so they prove they deserve the spots Texas and Alabama got. But, putting them together proves nothing. One is going to win. The other will lose. I'm a fan of neither, but I don't want to knock them, yet. Neither team gets a lot of nationwide respect. Beating a team that doesn't get that respect isn't going to generate that respect. I don't plan to watch that game. I would have gone out of my way to see TCU play Ohio State, or Iowa (I'm a Big Ten guy, I'd watch them anyway) and I would be interested in the results of a matchup with Oregon or Georgia Tech. A bowl win over two-loss Georgia Tech would be better for Boise than a win over undefeated TCU. A Virginia Tech, LSU or a two-loss Penn State match aren't good enough for either undefeated, though I wouldn't be surprised if those teams could beat TCU and Boise. Beating Penn State (which hasn't looked great and doesn't have a great track record in warm weather bowls (are there any other kind?)) wouldn't bring national recognition. But, this year, neither will toppling an undefeated.

(Penn State v. LSU in the Florida Citrus Bowl - great matchup for Penn State. A win makes PSU look much better. In terms of selling out the stadium, good draw for LSU. A win doesn't do much for LSU. Do I think Penn State can go to a hot-weather location and beat a hot-weather team? No. Do I think LSU could beat the Lions in December in, let's say, Green Bay? No. Do I like Florida Citrus in terms of neutral site other than weather? Not really, but it's better than the Sugar Bowl.)


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