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The Trickle - Correctness

December 2, 2009 - Brian Ferry

I'm 10,000 percent sure!!!

I admit I have a problem with giving 110 percent or being more than 100 percent sure of something. Saying "I'm 100 percent sure" should be very impressive, because, in how many cases are we really that sure of something that someone would be asking about? If I say, "I'm 100 percent sure my name is Brian," am I really that sure? That's the name I go by. I've seen it on my birth certificate. Still, there's some remote chance that I (and perhaps others) have been misled in this and my real name is Ruprecht the Monkey Boy. (I sincerely hope not.) So, 100 percent should be quite a statement. People who claim to give 110 percent or are 1,000 percent certain they are NOT the father, should be ridiculed (and not just for being wrong when the tests prove to within some tiny fraction of a point of 100 percent that they ARE the father). You can give 110 percent. But not of yourself. If you're giving 110 percent, you have to be basing that on some average or historical point of reference. I give about 200 percent compared to some people I play against on a volleyball court. I give maybe 60 percent of some others. I give maybe 75 percent of what I used to when I was a bit younger and by contrast I gave about 133 percent then of what I give now. But, if I give 100 percent of what I have, that's amazing, and probably would result in my death. I certainly can't give 101 percent. That's more than I have. Now for the segue. When people are willing to bet "any amount of money" on something, you'd think they were pretty sure about it. Money is valuable. That's about 100 percent of its purpose, to be valuable. The Patchen didn't use the words "any amount of money" but he certainly was pretty harsh toward Asymmetric when said minion posed as fact something the Patchen disagreed with. Asymmetric seemed to enjoy the Patchen's comeuppance (sp?) (reminds me of a good line from the Mummy (or perhaps the second movie in the Mummy series). I enjoyed being there to witness. The Patchen did not enjoy so much. Now, if I could only pick football games a little better. I sure would like to be 100 percent correct in my predictions this week.


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