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The Trickle - Economics

November 27, 2009 - Brian Ferry

MLB feels recession

So, I read a couple weeks ago (yeah, I blog slowly, so what?) that the Commissioner of Major League Baseball reported several teams lost money on the year. That's too bad. Lots of employers had tough years. Lots of individuals had tough years. I'm not sure how much it takes to buy a franchise, but I'm pretty close to certain I can't get a loan for that amount and can't afford it on my own. I like Major League Baseball. I'm glad there are people who want to own Major League Baseball teams. In a different way, I'm glad there are people who want to be teachers. The one profession (the latter) I don't want. The other I have no chance of getting into. Selig didn't make it out that the owners were complaining. If he had, I think the scorn would have been more widespread. As it is, I still don't feel a lot of sympathy for folks who can afford to spend hundreds of millions (billions?) of dollars on professional sports franchises. If they're feeling too put out, I'm sure they could find someone who would pay them hundreds of millions (billions?) to get them out of it. How could they be surprised when, in a time when many average folks who had any kind of savings lost about half of it, Joe Baseball Fan isn't going to get to as many games as he used to? If MLB catered to the extremely rich, I wouldn't expect the fan base to (be very big) be much impacted by a recession. I suspect the teams that lose the most money are often the teams that perform the best. But, I suspect those teams (the Yankees, in particular) bring in the most revenue. Buying things takes money. World Series are no different. If owners want to be like the single guy making $15 bucks an hour who has $10,000 in debt, that's up to them. If they don't, tighten the purse strings and try to win a ballgame by a method other than throwing money at it. Maybe some of the more fiscally responsible owners, most of whom have some experience at trying to win without $200,000,000 player payrolls, will win more games. That wouldn't be a bad thing to this not Yankees/Red Sox/Dodgers fan.


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