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The Trickle - Chu edition

March 30, 2009 - Brian Ferry

The Chu

It's official. I have now had a Fu Manchu facial hairstyle. It's also officially in the past, despite the standing offer of lunch every day I wear a Chu. I decided to shave on Sunday. I have a fairly decent beard going in, so I figured I'd document the shaving process, including various stages. I got the camera and beard trimmer (when I finally do shave I don't go all out) and set to work. First, I shaved much of the neck beard hair. It's the least comfortable anyway. Photo 1. Then, I took out a small amount of connecting material between the goatee area and the extended sideburns area. Photo 2. Photo 3 and 4 showed a little trimming of the sideburns, one thick and extending both above and below the jawline, the other narrower and slightly above the jawline. I've never enjoyed having sideburns, so I was happy to shave those off. That left only the goatee (Photo 5). I removed the area that, if left as the only facial hair, known as the soul patch for Photo 6. Never having shaved to a Chu before, I decided to exercise caution. I took out a very straight-edged chunk in the middle of the chin. Photo 7 shows what looks more like a goatee with a square of hair missing than a Chu with some unnecessary curvature. The next procedure was removing the inward pointing curve at each side of the bottom of the remaining facial hair (nearest the chin) so that the hair extending down from the moustache area is fairly straight on the inside. The outside was still somewhat rounded. That's Photo 8. From there, I narrowed the downward elements in an attempt to make them fairly straight on each side. They eventually got to a minimum width of about 1/2 inch. I left some extension below the jawline, perhaps 3/4 inch. The successive narrowing is shown in Photos 9 and 10. The Chu still didn't look right, my facial hair had not been trained to hang straight down. I tried combing, but that didn't do much. After a while I gave up. Rather than documenting just the moustache, I decided to shave that and leave only what I now refer to as the walrus tusks. Photo 11 shows that. Not my favorite look. Finally, I completed the shaving task and took one final pic. Photo 12 is fully shaved (more appropriately fully trimmed). This would have been a much easier blog to write if I had simply lined up all the photos and written a little commentary when needed. However, my wife, who is normally tolerant of my photographic silliness (I've had some odd ones on the blog and on the Soothsayer picks page), told me that I would not be posting these photos for the entire world to see. I'm sure that is for the best.


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