Our Opinion: A step into the future

On Friday, we witnessed the annual rite of passage at schools across the county. Hundreds of local young people were awarded high school diplomas, a major step in the transition to adulthood.

We’re very proud of them — all of them, not just the star athletes and most talented artists and musicians, not just the smartest among them, but also those who stuck it out, worked hard and earned their way to that diploma.

With each diploma, we passed the baton a bit, not expecting the young to take over and solve the world’s problems immediately, but hoping that they will make it their mission to do what they can to make life better in their corner of the world.

Plenty of hope was expressed at commencement ceremonies. We watched the parade of fresh eager faces brimming with excitement over the next adventure in life, whether that be college or further technical training, the military, entrance into the work world, or maybe even time off for further exploration that will allow them to achieve their dreams.

Anything is possible.

Everything awaits them on the road ahead — including obstacles.

We want our young people to remember that they can overcome whatever obstacles life places in their paths, and they can remember the people back home — moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and extended families — will be here when they feel the need for some homespun love and support.

Don’t wander away without looking back. Answer that text or phone call. Come home on occasion to visit, but keep reaching into the unknown.

Just because you walk across the stage does not mean the journey is done. It’s just beginning.

So take a step into the future. It’s your future. And in your future lies our hope and dreams for you.