Our Opinion: We are so very proud of you

“It takes an Army to raise a child” is an often-used proverb to describe the maturation of our youth.

Take some recent events — happening right before our eyes — and our “Army” has plenty to be proud of.

Academics and athletics, notwithstanding, Warren County’s youth has its priorities in order.

Parent and booster groups frequently come up with generous and caring ideas (for our youth) to come to the aid of a person in need or a charitable organization.

County volleyball teams went above and beyond to hold “Pink Out” nights and fundraisers to raise money for breast cancer research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

The Warren Area High School volleyball team got a little more specific — holding a fundraiser in support of a Warren Area Elementary Center teacher battling cancer.

And then there was a group of Warren students that took it upon themselves to do it, well, by themselves.

They didn’t do it for recognition.

They didn’t do it to impress us — that’s for sure.

They did it because they are great kids. They were already going to be at the football game on Oct. 26. The Flannel Panel, a student-run fan club, was already going to pick out a theme.

Why not raise some money for the Warren Cancer Care Center in the process?

So, the WAHS Student Council, National Honor Society, Flannel Panel, cheerleaders, and more used a common pink out theme to sell t-shirts, pom poms, face stickers — to raise money for our own cancer center. They didn’t need us!

It was no one’s idea but theirs. and they came up with it — of all places — through a social media chat room.

iPhones apparently aren’t all bad.

So, it goes without saying… We are so very proud of you!