Our Opinion: Vote Republicans in a sweep

We have a feeling Scott Wagner — the Republican candidate for governor — is the right man for Warren County.

The first candidate to be elected to the State Senate by a write-in campaign in 2013, Wagner has vowed to support the industry that has put us on the map. He and his running mate — Jeff Bartos — grew up in rural areas, and Wagner now owns his own contracting and trucking companies — starting them from the ground up. He obviously knows the obstacles business owners face in Pennsylvania. He also knows that wasteful state spending results in higher taxes and burdens those very businesses.

While he said he will no longer allow business and industry to be ignored in rural Pennsylvania, he also vows to be our champion of education, adding up to $1 billion to education spending “without raising taxes,” but also holding districts accountable in their spending.

A successful business owner and no-holds-barred voice, Wagner knows how to balance an economy.

“It’s a very old industry up here and it needs to be supported,” said Wagner while campaigning in Warren County.

“There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned up in Pennsylvania,” he said. “Education, to me, is the most important thing for any person.”

Speaking of success, incumbent Republican U.S. Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson is seeking his sixth term in the House of Representatives. For 10 years, Thompson has a long line of successes and needs to be able to continue that walk. In expounding on business and industry in the 15th District, “GT” Thompson has long been an advocate for career and technical education to help his constituents compete for jobs, and to help create a better workforce for his district and beyond.

A bill –Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act — sponsored by Thompson, and signed by President Trump earlier this year, is aimed at just that.

In addition to the House Education and Workforce Committee, Thompson also sits on the House Agriculture and House Natural Resources Committee, as well as their subcommittees, making his visits to Warren County important ones.

State Rep. Kathy Rapp is unopposed but has our support for the very same reasons as Thompson — sustained success.

From Warren and representing the 65th District since 2004, Rapp has proven committed to fiscal responsibility in the state, while supporting job growth through the Rural Regional College, and oil and gas producers. She’s been instrumental in bringing funding into the county for a regional college headquarters and emergency services.

She has served on education, environmental, finance, veterans affairs, and emergency preparedness committees in the state house, as well as being named the chair in February of the state Health committee, as the chair of the bipartisan Pennsylvania House Pro-Life Caucus.

In a clean sweep of Republican endorsements, Lou Barletta is the underdog in the race for U.S. Senate. Similar to the argument for candidates above, Democratic candidate Bob Casey Jr. — the son of a former governor — has run five times in PA for three offices, winning all in a landslide, with little fanfare.

Name recognition is Barletta’s challenge against the incumbent, but he does have a powerful name in his corner — that of President Donald Trump. And, this county was for Trump.

While Barletta’s lack of experience and deep pockets is significant, so is his high character. He’s a four-term incumbent PA congressman, and has been popular with his constituents and has made an impression. Also in his favor, he is popular enough to have been considered for a major cabinet post in Trump’s administration. Labor. The loyal representative supports expanding natural gas exploration and opposes massive government regulation on the energy industry.