Our Opinion: Very bright future

The future is bright in Warren County.

The water cooler talk is almost always negative, and almost always includes our school district as it relates to opportunities — or a lack of opportunities — for our children.

After having in-depth conversations with seven students who attend schools in Warren County, let’s think positively for a moment.

Of course, we were talking to the seven Times Observer Student of the Year senior candidates from Warren Area High School, Sheffield High School, Youngsville High School, Eisenhower High School, Tidioute Community Charter, Warren County Christian, and the Warren County Career Center, but the common theme was how much these young men and women have impacted our community, and how the community has impacted them,

They have all impacted their peers — students around them — in a positive way.

From a senior mentoring a freshman (becoming good friends) on the Warren volleyball team… to an Eisenhower soccer player who mentored, not only freshmen and sophomores on a young team, but those who co-opped from Youngsville High School to play for a new team with new friends.

A Sheffield High School senior has spent his life volunteering with Trout Unlimited, and has helped to revitalize the fish habitat at Morrison Run.

Warren and Youngsville seniors who have gained their confidence to go forward in their lives through the arts — dance and marching band — in the county.

Both have high aspirations outside of the county, with one dreaming of New York City and the other having taken a life-changing trip to Ireland. Both also shared their love of Warren County; one of her love of the outdoors and the other of her love of impacting younger students in the Youngsville band by being a sort of teacher’s assistant.

From Warren County Christian, its senior representative is taking a trip to volunteer in Tanzania. But she will return with a new-found, real-life education that could only impact her and others positively.

From Tidioute Community Charter School and Eisenhower High School, a future doctor and state police officer, respectively, could find their way back home, given the opportunity and the timing.

We are proud of our students and schools in Warren County.

Let’s not forget, “The mission of the Warren County School District is to educationally empower all students to think critically and solve problems through a rigorous curriculum that will provide them with the skills necessary to graduate and pursue a career of their interest.”

These students have been given the opportunity to see the world, as well as bring it back with them.