Our Opinion: No… Thank you, Coach

Sometimes in life, it’s the impacts that you have, both good and bad, that is the most resounding.

We’re going to single out Coach John Bonavita from a list of retirees that attended Monday night’s school board committee meeting.

No need to sweat…

Coach — thank you.

Roughly 25 years ago, you made a major impact and didn’t even realize it. You were just starting your career and spent some of your summer working with the Warren Area High School football team before being reassigned to coach the Beaty team.

You were dealing with a wide-eyed senior who had just gone through some incredibly hard times in his life. Your kindness, understanding, and passion left a resounding mark… that still remains all these years later.

And those types of interactions are the marks that we’re sure all of these retirees have had on young lives, and probably don’t even realize most of those impacts.

They don’t take credit.

Instead, they thank us.

“It was really a pleasure teaching the children,” Kathy Bowley, a music teacher for almost 29 years, told the committee on Monday. “I will miss the children so much. Thank you for everything.”

No… thank you, Mrs. Bowley.

“My calling was to be with the kids,” said Bonavita. “It was really a worthwhile experience.”

Coach Bonavita, you have no idea how worthwhile.