Our Opinion: ‘Never Forgotten’

Warren County will do it right on Tuesday.

Because Choper did it right for us.

Just as our local law enforcement officers do it right for us every day.

They deserve our respect, and Choper was one of them. One of us.

A funeral service for our fallen K9 will be held at 2 p.m. today in the Warren Area High School auditorium. Those planning to attend are asked to arrive in time to be inside by 1:45 p.m.

K9 units will be stationed outside and will be escorted into the service. Parking will be directed.

There will be a processional after the service — expected to start shortly after 3 p.m. — from the high school to Conewango Township Police Station, 4 Fireman St., Warren. From the school, the processional route will follow Fifth Avenue, Conewango Avenue, Third Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Ludlow Street, and Route 6 west into Starbrick to Fireman Street.

The funeral will also be live streamed from the K-9 Choper Funeral Facebook page beginning at 2 p.m.

From the Canine Choper Facebook page on March 8: “Happy 5th Birthday to K9 Choper!! He is the best partner and friend I could ask for. Always got my back!! Good dog.”

On this day, we will have his back.

“He is a patrol dog,” his handler, Officer Scott Neiswonger, once told the Times Observer. “Seeking the odor of a narcotic is just one of the things he can do. He can track fleeing suspects. He can find lost or dropped articles from that suspect as well. He can do apprehension. He can do multiple things.

“The dog doesn’t show any bias against anybody,” he said; but, after work, “all he wants to do is play at the end.”

On this day, he will be honored, remembered, appreciated.

“Never Forgotten.”