Our Opinion: Don’t forget

Most of the time, politicians tend to let bygones be bygones in the wake of elections. No matter how many of the rules an opponent may have broken, it is viewed as good form for the winner to forget about them.

That should not be the case now, as more and more evidence of wrongdoing by former President Barack Obama’s administration surfaces.

We already know about some outrages, such as use of the Internal Revenue Service to harass political opponents. Criminal charges should be pursued against those responsible.

So should action against officials of the Environmental Protection Agency, which broke a federal law against government agencies promoting policies.

Evidence is building that the EPA used social media — primarily the Thunderclap platform — to recruit individuals and organizations to lobby in support of the now-abandoned “Waters of the United States” rules.

A thorough investigation should be pursued and, if it is found some EPA officials broke the law, they should be prosecuted.