Our Opinion: Give it another look

To the three parents who spoke up last night at the Warren County School District’s board meeting, we applaud you. You have a point. Your point needs to be addressed by our school district.

We also don’t object to the district changing a bad policy.

The floating kindergarten enrollment cut-off date varied from year-to-year, leaving parents of students born in late August and early September unsure when planning pre-k programming years in advance. There was no way for those parents to know on which date school would start two years down the road.

The board addressed this problem in July and set a concrete date.

Here’s the situation: In resolving ambiguity in the prior policy, the board, to be blunt, stuck it to families who had planned under that prior policy.

Two years ago, parents of preschool-aged children born in the summer, made a decision based on that policy of when to start their student in preschool.

The new policy forces those parents to enroll their children in a third year of preschool or look for options outside of the WCSD.

We’re confident the district’s intent was not to stick it to parents of summer babies.

We have a simple solution.


In the bi-annual school-rank brouhaha/kerfuffle of years past, the district has, to its credit, grandfathered — being exceptionally delicate to avoid changing the rules midstream for a graduating class.

The kindergarten policy was not given the same careful consideration.

There are options.

One would be to push the policy’s effective date back one year.

But, there could be a more fluid choice.

District officials said decisions to skip kindergarten and proceed immediately to first grade are made a on case-by-case basis. Why not offer that same opportunity with respect to entering kindergarten? We just ask that those students affected by the new policy be looked at on a case-by-case basis and given access to the educational opportunities that they’ve been preparing for for years.

We’re not asking that this policy be scrapped. We applaud it. But have a care for those who are caught in the middle.